Charlbury Wildlife Society

Charlbury Wildlife Society is a group of people who are interested in wildlife and especially interested in the well-being of wildlife in and around Charlbury,


There are about 10 meetings a year (speakers are usually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, September-July, site visits are different days), we collaborate with other individuals and organisations in and around Charlbury. The group is involved in surveys and actions around town, such as putting up swift boxes, house martin cups and advising on hedgehogs. We have an association with the Hedge Fund, a hedgehog hospital,


Is by annual subscription (1st Jan-31st Dec) of £10, and free to under 18s.


We can advise on swift boxes and sound boxes. The siting of bird boxes is as important as the box itself. For all bird boxes avoid fixing them facing south as otherwise they will get too hot. Different birds like different heights and situations, so it's worth thinking about that before putting a box in place. 


The fastest decline of hedgehogs is in rural towns like Charlbury. 

The Charlbury community of hedgehogs is fragmented and vulnerable at least due to lack of access through our gardens. We can help them by providing highways through our fences and gates, having wildlife friendly gardens, and not using pesticides. If you need help making a highway contact us.

We have an ongoing survey in progress, if you see a hedgehog, please let us know.

We are collecting a gallery of hedgehog highways, please send us photos !

General information about hedgehogs can be found here,

Kirtlington is a great example of what is possible,

If you find a sick hedgehog immediately contact Flora on 078027 61779 or send a message to Hedge Fund on the Forum.  The Hedge Fund is a Hedgehog Support Facility  in Charlbury to support our hedgehogs including a Foster Carer, veterinary back up, and a release-back-into the wild scheme.   It  welcomes  your support in terms of financial donations, dry cat food, and help cleaning out cages and feeding. Thank you.

Enquiries about the society and its activities please contact us, we would love to hear from you :

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