Charlbury Baptist Church

Dyers Hill, Charlbury, OX7 3QD


For more information please contact:
Church Secretary, Kay Colyer - Telephone: 01608 810107
Missioner: Rev. Jean Andrews - 07980 534874
Telephone Church direct (01608) 810964 (ansafone)

Charlbury Baptist Church now has a Facebook page where you can find out more about how we worship God inside and outside of the church building.


(All services commence at 10.30 am, unless stated otherwise)

Children of any age are always welcome at our services.
Please note that Junior Church also starts at 10.30am.

Sunday, 29th July
Service led by Rev. Graham Sinden

Sunday,5th August
9.45am - United Service at St. Mary's

Sunday, 12th August
We will be joining our friends at the Mathodist Church

Sunday, 19th August
Preacher: Peter Clack

Sunday 26th August
Preacher: Stella Bristow

For further information, please contact Jean Andrews 07980 534874.

Our Garden

So glad that I weedkilled the grass where the Emily Page Memorial Garden is going to be - you can no longer tell where it is and the rest of the grass exists, as it is all a lovely shade of brown!! Watering takes up much of our time and thanks to those who help with this task. There have been a few casualties that have succumbed to being too dry (a white astilbe and a viburnum which has been scorched due to my careless watering I think - probably a good sermon there if I think about it).

The new 'Betty' hostas arrived in time for the scattering of Betty Gibson's ashes in the garden but they are quite small. We are hoping that they will grow and become larger plants as we had bought quite a large coontainer for them.

The gardens are surviving now in this heatwave/drought rather than flourishing. It has made us think about future planting that will need less watering but that can still be as attractive as English gardens have always been. The lavender which we reduced last year due to much of it being old and woody, has thrived and the bees have loved it. There is much more insect life in the garden than when we started but we have't seen as many cinnabar moths as we have in the past. Is this due to less ragwort being around or the change in our planting?

If we are around in the garden, join us for a cup of tea.

The garden around the church has been registered with the Quiet Garden Movement.
It is available for use by the local community for quiet reflection throughout the year but we would ask that you respect the privacy of our neighbours.

To find out more about Quiet Gardens, visit the Quiet Garden website at
If you would like Rev. Jean Andrews to lead you through a Quiet Hour, which is the equivalent of Christian Mindfulness, Morning or Day then please contact her using the contact details above. However, the garden is not really in use for this at the moment.


Prayer Meeting
Wednesdays at 8.15pm - please phone church secretary to confirm venue.

This will restart in September. Details to follow but we will be studying the Epistle to the Romans.

Craft and Hobbies
Tuesdays, 2.30 - 4.30 pm at the Belshaw's residence! (Please phone for directions).
Please come & join us, no need for regular commitment, simply good company with refreshments.
Bring you own project or help with projects for the Shoebox Appeal. We will also teach people to knit, crochet or sew if asked.
Further information: Hugh or Joan Tel: 01608 810130


The Church is one of the the local 'drop off & collection points' for the North Oxfordshire Community Foodbank. Donations of store cupboard food (with a 6-month use by date) are welcomed for distribution to families in need within our area. Please do not leave food bags outside the side door as it can be very difficult to exit the church in an emergency if they are blocking the door. Please leave at the side of the door. For further information contact the Missioner.

Please note that all five Charlbury Churches contribute but donations can be received from anyone.

Getting Ready for HARVEST 2018

This year we are doing Harvest slightly differently. We (and St. Mary's) are looking for tools to donate to Tools With a Mission (TWAM). To find out exactly what they do, please look at their websites. We cannot take tools immediately as we have no storage space, but in September we would love to have any old tools that are not broken and that you may no longer require.
So here is the list:

TWAM would like:
Any type of sewing machine and anything to do with sewing - reels of cotton, lace, ribbon, etc.
Knitting Machines that are complete with instruction booklet
Anything to do with hand knitting: knitting needles, wool, cones of wool, patterns.

Carpentry tools; Plumbing tools; masonry and bricklaying tools; electricians tools;
Ironmongery - bolts, screws, hinges, locks, etc.
Motor mechanics tools;
Cobbler/leatherwork/upholstery tools; Blacksmiths tools;
Metal and Engineering workshop tools and machinery including lathes, drills, etc;
Welding machines (MIG and arc); green woodworking tools including adzes, draw knives, froes, etc.;

Gardening tools including electric ones and watering cans, etc.
Manual typewriters

Personal protective wear - gloves and goggles, for example.

Power tools
Fully working IT equipment

Their exhaustive list plus what they do NOT want can be found on their websites and I have put a copy of both lists on the church noticeboard.



If you would like to hire any of our facilities we should be pleased to hear from you. The Church is suitable for larger groups (chairs rather than pews) and there is a bright room at the side overlooking the garden that would be suitable for smaller groups. There are excellent kitchen and toilet facilities. There is disabled access to the building. Please contact the Church Secretary.

We do hope you will be in touch and look forward to meeting you.

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