Charlbury Garden Society

Spring Show Schedule 2020

Saturday 4 April 2020
Memorial Hall, Charlbury
Show open from 12 noon - 4pm
Admission FREE

This year we again hope to organise the Show in conjunction with the Charlbury Art Society Spring Exhibition. We therefore will open the Show at 12 noon, immediately after the judging.

There is one cup to be awarded at this Show, the Ian Tolputt Cup, for the Best Exhibit in the Show. There is no prize money.

The Spring Show can be a wonderful sight. Segregating daffodils into different classes shows their variation and subtle colour changes to best effect. Don't forget the other classes especially tulips and flower arrangements. Plant material for the arrangements (classes 14-18) need not have been grown by the exhibitor.

These blooms are commonly called daffodils. Narcissi is the generic name for all of these. There are in fact 12 different divisions and upward of 26,000 cultivars of daffodils so classification can be a problem. The Society has simplified this classification for the purposes of this Show so if you are uncertain, bring your blooms along on the morning of the show and consult the Show Team. Note that the diameter of the cup is not relevant for classification purposes; it is the length of the cup that is important.

For further information please download the schedule.

Showing Tip: Pick daffodils three days before the show when they are just beginning to open. Keep for two days in a cool place then bring them into the warm the day before the show.

(in combination with the Arts Society Spring Exhibition)
• Date: Saturday 4 April 2020
• Location: Memorial Hall, Brown's Lane, Charlbury
• Entry Fees: no entry fees
• Staging: 9.30am - 11.00am
• Open to public: 12 noon - 4.00pm
• Admission: FREE
• Presentation of awards: 3.45pm

Prize cards will be awarded but no prize money

Ian Tolputt Cup Best in Show

For classes 1-13 see the diagrams and descriptions for the class specification of narcissi but there will be someone at the Show to help you if you are not sure which class to put your flowers in.
Because of the huge variety of types of narcissi entrants may submit more than one entry per class.

Trumpet Narcissi
1 A vase of 3 all yellow trumpet narcissi, one variety
2 A vase of 3 all white trumpet narcissi, one variety
3 A vase of 3 trumpet narcissi, any variety/varieties

Large Cup Narcissi
4 A vase of 3 all yellow large cup narcissi, one variety
5 A vase of 3 bi-colour large cup narcissi, one variety
6 A vase of 3 white petalled large cup narcissi, one variety

Small Cup Narcissi
7 A vase of 3 white petalled small cup narcissi, one variety
8 A vase of 3 yellow petalled small cup narcissi, one variety

Other Narcissi
9 A vase of 3 multi-headed narcissi, any variety/varieties
10 A vase of 3 cyclamineous hybrid narcissi, any variety/varieties
11 A vase of 3 narcissi, small flowered or miniature
12 A vase of 3 stems of double narcissi
13 A container of mixed narcissi, 10-15 stems, to be judged on quality

Material used need not be the property of or grown by the exhibitor.
14 An arrangement of narcissi, maximum 12 stems, and narcissus foliage allowed
15 An arrangement of spring flowers, not to exceed 18" (46cm) width & depth, to be judged for effect
16 An arrangement of leaves, flowers or shrubs (or any combination thereof)
17 A bowl of primroses and/or polyanthus, any foliage, not to exceed 12" (30cm) overall, to be judged for effect
18 A petite arrangement, not to exceed 8" (20cm) width, depth & height

Other bulbs, flowers, plants and shrubs
19 Spring flowering bulbs growing in a container
20 A vase of 3 tulips, one variety
21 A vase of 5 tulips, any variety/varieties
22 A container of 5 pansies
23 A bowl of spring flowers (e.g. hyacinths etc.), no narcissi, no shrubs, not to exceed 18" (46cm) overall, to be judged on quality
24 A vase of shrubs, 3 sprays in flower, any variety/varieties
25 A flowering pot plant
26 A pot-grown orchid
27 A flowering bulb lily
28 A foliage pot plant
29 A cactus
30 A container of hellebores, maximum 6 stems
Children's Corner. Age groups 4-7 and 8-12
A Use an empty eggshell to grow a cress person
B Bake a plate of four hot cross buns
C Paint or stitch a Spring scene no larger than 30cm by 20cm
D An arrangement of spring flowers

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