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Charlbury Garden Society Cups

Spring Show

Jack Kearsey Trophy - Best in Show
Donated by: Jack Kearsey who was a local farmer who lived originally at Dustfield Farmhouse and then moved to Small Acres, Ditchley Road.He was also Chairman of the Parish Council, and a District Councillor.
First engraving: 1995 Peter Bridgman

Summer Show

EC Yorke Rose Bowl - A vase of 3 large flowered/HT roses at three stages - bud, half and full, one varietyDonated by: Eric And Carla Yorke who lived at Grantchester House and exhibited roses, soft fruit, apples and pears.First engraving: 1981 Mrs H E Moore

Novice Cup - A vase of roses, 3 blooms, any variety/varieties

Juler Rose Cup - A container of mixed roses
Donated by: Mrs Elizabeth Juler who lived at Tamarind House, Market Street and was Councillor for the County, District and Parish Councils. She was President of Charlbury Horticultural Society but there is no record of her having exhibited.
First engraving: 1967 Mrs C Yorke

Bishop Sweet Pea Cup - 3 vases of sweet peas, 3 varieties, 3 stems of each
Donated by: Mr John Bishop, Chairman of the National Sweet Pea Society. He lived in Charlbury at the time of awarding the cup - and now lives in High Wycombe (2007). He gave a talk to the Society on growing sweet peas in 2008.
First engraving: 1967 JRF Bishop

West Cup - Collection of 4 different vegetables, 3 of each
Donated by: Mr Dennis West of Witney. He exhibited in many different classes of fruit and vegetables with great success at the Charlbury Shows and at the Witney Shows.
First engraving: 2003 Mr D West

Brackenbury Cup - Best Rose in Show
Donated by: Mr Vic Brackenbury of The Hideaway, Charlbury, who was a watch and clock repairer. He exhibited roses, chrysanthemums and onions with great success as well as being a wood turner and winner in the handicrafts class with some extraordinary wood carvings. Vic made the plinth for the cup. He also famously once won every cup in the Annual Flower and Produce Show.
First engraving: 2001 Mrs M Moore

Annual Flower and Produce Show

Tom Lynes Memorial Cup - A bowl of mixed flowers
Donated by: Tom Lynes who lived in a bungalow which has now been demolished, next to the Fire Station on Sturt Road. He was a Parish Councillor. We have no record of Tom exhibiting in any Shows.
First engraving: 1967 JH Palmer

Fred Hutt Memorial Cup - A vase of 6 large flowered/HT roses
Donated by: Fred Hutt who was a gardener for Charles Hughes. He was an enthusiastic gardener and exhibitor and, with his wife Dorothy, was co-caretaker of the Corner House.
First engraving: 1967 Mrs H Moore

RP Butler Memorial Rose Bowl - A bowl of roses
Donated by: R Butler who lived at Ivy House - through the arch from the Churchyard. He was also scoutmaster for the Rover Scouts. He was the father of Betty Butler, who was a singer who broadcast and recorded her work. She was fond of cats and bred Siamese cats and lived next to the Church.
First engraving: 1958 Mrs G Mark

Society's Memorial Trophy - 3 vases of banked flowers
A Plate - Possibly a memorial to the Second World War
Winners not engraved

AJ Harlock Cup - 6 globe onions
Donated by AJ Harlock who lived at The Lawn on Market Street and was a Quaker and a money lender. The house had a large garden which has now been built in.
First engraving: 1961 A Franklin

OV Watney Cup - Collection of vegetables
Donated by: Oliver Watney of Cornbury Park Estate who once famously proposed to Pamela Mitford. He was the son of Vernon J Watney (see Lady Margaret Cup)
First engraving: 1961 J H Palmer

JW Shilson Cup - Small Collection of fruit and/or vegetables
Donated by: Joseph Shilson who lived at The Priory in Charlbury until his death in 1970. Joseph Shilson had owned and run a wool business, SG Shilson & Son, in Park Street on the site later occupied by Wesley Barrel furniture. Joseph's father had died in 1934 and Joseph then continued to run the business. He grew vegetables during the war and was very keen on encouraging people to grow vegetables in their gardens or on their allotments. His widow, Mrs Joyce Shilson, had Priory Cottage built in the vegetable garden adjoining the grounds of The Priory. This cottage was built after Joseph's death in the early 1970s. Their gardener, Gordon Langton (Bennett) was a former Secretary of the Charlbury Horticultural Society and a regular exhibitor in the Shows. His father had been gardener for the Shilson family before him.
First engraving: 1961 R Belcher

Lady Margaret Cup - Table centre arrangement
Donated by: Lady Margaret Watney was the wife of Vernon J Watney, part of the beer brewing family of the same name, and parents of Oliver Vernon Watney (see OV Watney Cup)
First engraving: 1961 Mrs Laughton

CH Hughes Cup - Petite floral arrangement
Donated by: Charles Hughes lived at The Old Farmhouse on the Playing Close and was a Chairman of the Charlbury Parish Council.
First engraving: 1961 Mrs E Wootton

Festival of Britain Cup - Floral arrangement of 24" width
First engraving: 1961 Mrs HE Sumpster

Foxmead Dahlia Cup - Best exhibit of dahlias
Donated by: Leslie Goodgame, greengrocer in Sheep Street. He and his wife Rosina lived at Foxmead, Hundley Way where he bred dahlias, for sale by catalogue, on land and glasshouses next to the house. He also grew and exhibited wonderful chrysanthemums.

Searle Cup - Best exhibit of chrysanthemums
Donated by: Mr Searle, a Quaker, who lived at 4 Enstone Road, which later became the Shop for the Blind. He also had an office on Dyers Hill near the top of the Hill.
First engraving: 1961 W Beresford

Follows Cup - Winner of most points in Flowers Section
Donated by: Mr Follows, also a Quaker, who lived at Highfield on The Slade.
First engraving: 1961 R Belcher

Elizabeth Marshall Cup - Winner of most points in Vegetables and Fruit Sections
Donated by: Mrs Elizabeth Marshall who lived on Woodstock Road and exhibited sweet peas. She was the mother of Ray Marshall who started the Charlbury website.
First engraving: 1961 JH Palmer

Tudor Press Trophy - Winner of most points in Cookery Section
Donated by: Freda Lidgey who was Chair of the Charlbury Horticultural Society for many years. She lived in Fishers Lane, from where she ran the Tudor Press, and then later moved to the flats at the bottom of Nine Acres Lane. She exhibited in the needlework and embroidery classes.
Winners not engraved

Godden Cup - Best entry in children's Section
Donated by: Eric and Olive Godden who were both members of the Evergreens. Eric was a keen Horticultural Society member, growing produce for sale at the Spring Plant sale. He also exhibited narcissi in the Spring Show. The Cup was replaced in 2008 by a new trophy designed by his granddaughter, Amy Harbod.
First engraving: 2008 Henry Tripp

Clemson Cup - Best Exhibit in Show
Donated in memory of: George Clemson who lived in Cotswold View. He was a shoe repairer and worked for CC Price's of Sheep Street. He died young in 1964 and at the time of his death was working at Pressed Steel Fisher.
First engraving: 1971 FG West

Wilson-Lade Cup - Best Kept Allotment
Donated by: Mark Wilson and Hilary Lade, Mark Wilson is a recent member of the Garden Society Committee and an enthusiastic allotment holder and Sweet Pea Grower.
First engraving: 2006 D Jenkins

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