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The museum closed on 29th September 2019, and was to reopen on Easter Saturday 2020, but will remain closed till further notice, because of the coronavirus crisis.  This decision was made with great regret, but we need to protect all our volunteers and potential visitors, and will review the situation in June.

On Sunday 13th October 2019 the restored wagon returned to the museum, after years of painstaking work by Michael Jones, Conservator, and his team. The wagon, discovered at Coldron Mill near Spelsbury, used to stand in the museum garden and had become very dilapidated. It was donated by Miss Elsie Corbett and Miss Susan Thomson in 1964. The Wagon Room was built for it in 2000/2, after a massive fund-raising exercise organised by the Charlbury Society (the Museum's parent body), the Corner House and the Town Council. The delicate exercise of transporting the wagon back to Charlbury was skilfully planned by Michael Jones, and carried out with the generous help of Charlbury Beer Festival volunteers.

The winter was spent in reorganising exhibits displaced from the Wagon Room, preparing new displays for 2020 and continuing to catalogue and label our thousands of exhibits.  Discussions will continue with the Corner House Committee about the possibility of finding more storage and public space for the museum.

Glover, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor: Charlbury and the First World War".
The Museum's publication costs only £8 per copy. The book records the valuable and fascinating information discovered during the Museum's exhibition on World War I in 2014, and copies are available from Tim Widdows's shop in Market Street

Join the Museum Stewards and help us to welcome walkers, runners, cyclists and even people from Charlbury to explore the museum's fascinating contents.  We entertain visitors from every county in the UK, and from countries all over the world.  

The museum garden has continued to be kept in order by volunteer Vi Welbourn and the whole town benefits from her hard work and artistry.

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