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In March 2013, the Charlbury Area Waste Action Group changed its name to the Charlbury Green Hub with a new website or the briefer URLs and with links to us on Twitter and Facebook.


Solar Panels have been erected on the primary school, and are being funded by the Low Carbon Hub who are launching a community share offer this month on 23 September. Register to find out more.

Environmental events listing

People's Climate March in London TODAY - too many of the things we love could be changed by climate change forever, so in the name of the things we love, people from all walks of life are coming together to call on politicians to take action. If you can't make the march then DO watch the film Disruption online - probably the most valuable thing you can do in the next hour.
Worldwide live updates

New events are going on the calendar of events all the time, here are just a few. Yarnmaking at Cogges, UK Beach Litter Pick, RSPB walk at dusk at Otmoor. Also links to environmental event listings for Wychwood Project, BBOWT the local Wildlife Trust, the Earth Trust, University of Oxford, and Daily Information for events in Oxford. At Street Fair this Saturday, see our display in the Memorial Hall about energy use, fossil fuels and the threat to the countryside we love as well as to people abroad. Coming up soon is a Wild & Precious one-day autumn retreat in Charlbury.

The next fortnightly Big Apple Take-Away will be Sunday 28th September at 2.30pm on the Playing Close. If you have spare apples that you don't want then please call 01608 811057 or email so that we can come and pick them and give them away.

Countryside pages

Visit Charlbury's Blenheim Farm Nature Reserve. The flowers on the reserve are definitely worth a visit throughout the summer, the early flowers have formed their characteristic seedheads which give them their names - birds foot trefoil, hay rattle and meadow cranesbill. The later flowers now in bloom are all great for butterflies - the pink wild marjoram, wild basil, musk mallow, and red bartsia; the pale blue scabious; the purple black knapweeds (hardheads). We're progressively cutting the grass using Austrian scythes to make hay, so if you would like to learn this fascinating new skill please contact Christine or phone 811057. While scything I've been listening to the birdsong - constant chiffchaffs, blackcaps, wrens and chaffinches and the evocative mewing of buzzards overhead and the yaffle of the green woodpecker. The pond area is alive with flying dragonflies - Southern Hawkers, Common Darters, Broad-Bodied Chasers and the smaller damselflies. They are all busy mating and laying eggs on vegetation in the pond.

Information about our local Countryside including a page of Nearby Places to Visit near Charlbury and Oxford.

There are also lovely fragments of ancient woodland nearby which were once part of the more extensive Wychwood Forest and which are good for bluebells in the spring like Knighton's Copse in Wychwood Forest (below).

Environmental issues

Use the website to find out more about environmental issues. Each page has relevant links to external sites and relevant books which can be shared locally. The site is continually updated so pay a visit regularly to see what's new.

Find out more about Fracking and make up your own mind.

Read links from the Food page about asparagus from South America and the implications for water shortages and jobs in Peru following on from World Bank investment developing the asparagus agri-business in the Ica Valley desert.

See the side links on the Holidays page for holidays this summer and useful side links on the Travel page for journey planners, timetables, train ticket discounts & live departure boards etc.

Continuing CAWAG activities

All of CAWAG's activities are continuing, the Bring & Takes in March and October and the Charlbury Sharecroppers redistribution of apples in the autumn with the cider making for the Beer Festival. We'll also continue to organise things like secure paper shredding, tool sharpening, bike repairs and collecting things like bras, spectacles, CDs, and cassette tapes for reuse or recycling - bring them along to the Bring & Takes or to our stall at the Farmers Market.

New wider aims

The aim of this hub is to help local people and groups find their way around environmental issues, to share their experiences and to spread Charlbury's good ideas to other communities in Oxfordshire. Our new website will be a good starting point for you to find out more about our local countryside, food, energy, travel, and the wider implications for our planet's limited resources and climate change. We provide a list of things that can be shared by other groups or individuals in Charlbury so that we can work together better as a sharing community . . . and save money and resources in the process.

History of CAWAG

CAWAG started in 1997 and was one of the first members of the Oxfordshire Community Action Group network which originally concentrated on waste. But times and issues move on, and now we are one of about 50 community groups in the Oxfordshire network all taking action on climate change, including waste reduction, carbon reduction, sustainable transport, and food, energy and water issues, to live a more sustainable and less resource dependent life in our local communities.

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