Charlbury Community Centre Appeal


The Charlbury Community Centre Appeal Committee is a group of volunteers, established in early 2004 by Lynette Murphy (see more in the "History" section below). We have the specific aim of raising money to build a Community Centre at the Spendlove Site. We are a sub-committee of the Thomas Gifford Trust, which is the charity responsible for the land and building. Through this page, we aim to keep you informed about our fundraising events.

Buy-a-Brick scheme names

Below is a list of all the people who have bought a brick so far. We would like you to check your names, (and those of people you know) and let us know if you spot any mistakes. We have tried very hard to be careful, but inevitably with handwritten forms and different volunteers doing the admin mistakes can creep in. Once the sign is made in early July, it will be too late to correct anything!

There is still a bit of time to add your name to this list. Please scroll down to the next section to see how.
The names (in alphabetical order by surname):
Edward Abbey • John Abbey • Peter Allmond • The Ambrose family • Brad Andrews • Angela Armstrong • Carolyn and Dave Ashton • Tom and Lizzie Ashton • Eileen Atkin • Joyce Bagley • Wendy Bailey • Oli and Toby Ball • Peter and Wendy Barber • The Barwood family • The Beighton family • Shahin Bekhradnia • Hugh Belshaw • Joan Belshaw • Liz Benson • Wilf Benson • Helen Bessemer-Clark • Sir John and Lady Birch • Andy and Tish Bird • Mike Bisacre and Geneviève Hug • The Blackmore-Sly family • Floss Blayton • The Blok Family • Jean Borton • Audrey Bridgman • Peter Bridgman • Felicity Brooks • Olivia Brooks • Colin and Margaret Brown • Richard Burkert • Charlie Burnett • Lily Belle Burnett • The Bush family • David Cameron • In memory of Graham Canning • Pat Canning • Anna Cavendish • Lucas Cavendish • Charlie Chadwick • Glena Chadwick • Martin Chadwick • Cally and Jenny Chambers • George Chambers • Keith Chapman • The Chapman family • Charlbury Baptist Church • Charlbury Pre-School • The Charlbury Yoga Studio • Anna Cherry • Bruce Claridge • Poppy Claridge • Rachel Claridge • Violet Claridge • Daphne Clark • Jim Clemence, Anne-Marie Clemence, Harry Clemence and Caitie Clemence • Marion Coates • Roy Coates • The Collingridge family • The Colyer family • The Connollys • Shirley Cooper • The Court family • Irene Crisp • The Crisp family • Janet Crumpton • Mike Crumpton • Mark Curthoys • The Dale family • Ann, William and Charlotte Davidson • The Derham family • Judy Dod • Gerald Draper • Heather Draper • Bianca Duester • Tasmin Duester • Teresa Duester • Tim Duester • Evie Duff • Lesley Duff • Molly Duff • Stuart Duff • The Eastwood family • Sarah Eaton • Christine Elliott and Colin Critch • Clare Elson • Martin Elson • Pearl and Charlie Emsden • Julia Engelbrink • Amanda Epps • Gareth Epps • Rod and Georgina Evans • Robin Fairhurst Jones • Rosalind Fairhurst Jones • FairweatherHoles • The Fenn family • Evelyn and Edward Fenton • The Fenton family • The Finch family • Jane Fitzmaurice • Mike Flanagan • The Fleet family • Julia and Angus Fletcher • Scarlett and Rufus Fletcher • The Flint family • Graham Forbes • Liz Forbes • Patricia Freeman • The Frewer family • Jennifer Funning • Gay and Stuart Galer • The Gallagher family • The Ghosh family • Andy and Michelle Gillespie • Dulcie and Monty Gillespie • Betsy and Merrill Glasgow • Clark Glasgow • Dine Glasgow • Marjorie Glasgow • Walter Glasgow • William Glasgow • The Goads • The Goyder family • Arlo Griffiths • The Guptas • Angela Gwatkin • Jay-Jay and Nina Hancocks • In memory of Alan Hanks • Toby Harrison-Turner • Frederico Harvey • José Harvey • Eric and Peggy Haslam • Judith Haynes • The Holah family • Julia Holford • Shirley Holgate • Anthony Horn • Jessie Horn • Rory and Angus Howse • The Hutchings family • Russell and Barbara Ingham • The Jarman family • Amanda Jenkins • Annabel Jenkins • Daniela Jenkins • David Jenkins • Paul Jenkins • Robert Jenkins • Gareth Jenkins • Lyn and Andrene Jenkins and family • Graham Jowett • Margaret Jowett • Jill Judson • The Kaddouri family • John Kearsey • Graham Keighley • The Kelly family • Peter and Eileen Kenrick • Guy and Rue Ker • Surina Khosa • Jan Trout Land • Dr John M. Land • Amelia Ledgard-Hoile • Elizabeth Ledgard-Hoile • Virginia Leffler • Liz Leffman • Celia Leonard • Ralf Leonard • John B.C. Lethbridge • J. Nicolette Lethbridge • Benjamin Lewis • William Lewis • Robert Littledale • Ann and Tony Lloyd • Gaylord Lummis • The Lunney family • The Mahony family • Emma Maiden • Pearl Manners and family • Kate Martin and Brett Porter • Flint Martin-Porter • Miles Martin-Porter • Jeanne and Raymond McCann • The McDougall family • The Mercer family • Victor and Margaret Merry • The Middleton-Heath family • Christopher, Joanna, Emilia and Annabelle Miles • Evelyn Millea • The Millea family • The Minshall family • Nicola Morgan and Tony Morgan • Phil Morgan • Eve Morris and Stuart Lester • Rowan and Cerys Moss • Stewart P. Moss • Brian Murphy • Lynette Murphy • Pamela Neville • Richard Neville • Jesse Oakley-Eaton • Joe Oakley-Eaton • Caryll Oberst • The O'Reilly family • The Orr family • Luutsche Ozinga • Saskia Ozinga and Mark Gregory • Neil and Valou Pakenham-Walsh • The Parry family • Dr Kam Patel, Charlbury Dental Practice • Mrs Faith Paulding (née Timms) • The Peacock family • The Peer family • The Phelan family • Susie Pickering and K. Moreton • Oscar and Hugo Pilgrim • The Piotrowsky family • Hugh Pitman • Margaret Pitman • David and Sally Pollock • Jack and Diana Potten • The Potter family - Lees Rest • Nick and Sarah, James, Catherine and Annabel • The Potts family • Charles Powell • The Powys-Smith family • Alan and Penny Price • Mark, Alison, Dorothy and Morgan • Alice Pulman • Kate Pulman • Nicola Pulman • Stephen Pulman • William Pulman • Jasmine Rhodes • Josh Rhodes • Louise Rhodes • Luke Rhodes • Simon Rhodes • Dave B. Roberts • Sarita Roberts • Cally Robson • Edie Robson • Russell Robson • Alicia Ross Vergara • Isi Ross Vergara • Nico Ross Vergara • Janet Rowley • Paul Rowley • The Rowley family, Spelsbury • The St John Cooper family • Elizabeth Schiffer • Rosalind Scott • Roy Scott • The Shadbolt family • Alexander Sharpe • Iona Sharpe • Frances Short • Michael Short • Ben 'the Beano' Sinton • Charlie Sinton • Emily 'the horse obsessed' Sinton • Hannah 'the booney' Sinton • Helen Sinton • Devinder Sivia and Anna Gillespie • Heather and Graham Smith • Kate, Arthur, Thomas, Sam and Libby Smith • Meryl Smith • The Smyth family • Maureen Sparling • Grant, Gemma, Lancelot and Rafe Speed • In honour of Julia Spence • Alan and Louise Spicer • Bill Stevenson • Tanya Stevenson • Millie Stone • Geoffrey Strachan • Susan Strachan • Jude Styring • Livia Styring • The Sulik family • The Tainsh family • Bob Tait • Elizabeth Tait • Claire Tarrant • Adrian Taylor • Annemarie Taylor • The Teal family • Graham Terry • Susan Terry • Will and Wendy Thornton • The Tibbitts family • Lilian Timms • Mr W.A.B. Timms • Pat Toms • The Venthen family • Genevieve Walkden • Harley-Jane Walkden • Simon and Rhona Walker • Susie Walker • Terry and Christine Walker • Guy Waller • Hilli Waller • Nigel and Sheila Walsh • Julie Ward • Matt Ward • Mitch Ward • Joshua Watson • Ronnie Watson • The Way family • Frances Webber • The Welsh family • Madeleine Wheare • Ed Whitehead • Joe Whitehead • Tom Whitehead • The Whitehead and Collicutt families • Cara Williams • James and Sue Williams • Louis and Xavier Williams • Michael Williams • Henry Willis • Jane Willis • Christopher Willy • Wendy A. Wilson • Eric Windsor • Don and Joan Winterbottom • The Wisker family • John and Sarah Witheridge

"Buy-a-Brick" Campaign

Only a short while to go now before this scheme closes! The deadline is 30th June 2017. Do make sure you get your name added to this list! Our Buy-a-Brick Campaign offers a permament acknowledgement of donations by printing donors names in the entrance of the new Community Centre. You can either buy individual bricks for £25 each or make one £25 donation for your entire family eg. 'The Bloggs Family' will be displayed on the list. Of course we'd be delighted if you could pay more for your bricks; £25 is a minimum number! They can be purchased in one of two ways:
1. Via Make a Donation by clicking on this link: NB: it's important to fill in the 'ADD A MESSAGE' box saying your donation is the Brick scheme and put the name or family's name exactly how you want it to appear on the display.
2. By downloading and printing the form from this link and sending it with cash or a cheque to the address on the form:

Why not buy a 'brick' as a gift for someone special to support the Community Centre? It will be a lasting legacy as their name will be permanently displayed in the lobby (alongside the door into the sports hall) once the Centre is built. If requested we can supply you with a Certificate to give to the recipient of your gift.

We'd like to thank all the people in our neighbourhood who have bought bricks so far - to date the scheme has raised over £12,000 - and additional funds will help us to kit out the Centre for everyone's benefit.

Amount raised so far: £254015.20 and rising!

Thanks to all our very generous contributors and fundraising activists the current grand total, as of June 2017, is over £254,000 - our target was to reach £250,000 before the centre was built, so we've done it! That said, the costs of building the centre have risen and risen, so we're not stopping there and still need people to buy "bricks" and support our events.

Forthcoming Events

24th June, Charlbury Beer Festival
We will be running the Pimms stall for those who don't want beer. Let's hope for a lovely sunny Pimmsy day!

3rd-6th August, Wilderness Festival
There will be a Vintage Clothing Stall at Wilderness this year in aid of the Community Centre.
We are asking for donations from the town which will stock the stall. Any remaining stuff will be sold at a jumble sale then given to charity.
Please ring Nicola on 811507 to arrange to drop off any donations. We particularly want any vintage clothes, hats and accessories but are happy to receive any clothing, etc.

If you have any other ideas for fundraising, or would like to put on an event on our behalf, we'd be delighted to hear from you:

Recent Events

5th May 2017, Brunch and Reception at Ditchley Park

The Thomas Gifford Trust and the Charlbury Community Centre Appeal organised their final major fund raising event on May 5th, 2017. The Ditchley Foundation kindly chose the Community Centre as a local charity for 2017 and we hosted a Champagne Brunch then an evening reception, both with auctions and live music.

The two events raised a massive and much needed total of £22,000 towards the cost of the Commnity Centre and allowed the Charlbury Community Centre Appeal to reach and exceed its fundraising target.

Enormous thanks to the Ditchley Foundation, to Margie and Dine Glasgow, Daniela Jenkins as well as all the many volunteers, helpers and musicians who made this event possible.

25th February 2017, Italian Pop-Up Supper
More delicious delights from Nicola Morgan and her team. This was a sell out again and a special treat for this year was some Italian songs performed live to an accordion accompaniment whilst the guests enjoyed their cocktails.

21st January 2017, Burns Night Supper and Dance
This was a really fun event as ever. The band and caller were fantastic and everyone joined in, especially on the last dance. Thank you to everyone who helped and attended.

Information about the Building Programme

For further information regarding the building of the Charlbury Community Centre, please look at the Thomas Gifford Trust page on this community website:

Many Thanks

The individuals who have served on the committee and/or helped to raise money for the Charlbury Community Centre Appeal are too numerous to mention. We are enormously grateful to all those people.

Over the past few years several local societies, organisations and charities have made generous donations to the Charlbury Community Centre Appeal including [in alphabetical order] the following:

Barnsbury Charitable Trust
Bartlett Taylor Charitable Trust - Witney
Charlbury Amateur Dramatic Society
Charlbury Art Society
Charlbury Beer Festival
Charlbury Book Group
Caravan Club
Charlbury Co-op
Charlbury Dental Practice
Charlbury Green Hub
Charlbury Horticultural Society
Charlbury Parochial Church Council
Charlbury Pre-school
Charlbury School Association
Charlbury Society
Charlbury Tennis Club
Charlbury Town Council
Charlbury Town Football and Social Club
Charlbury Women's Institute
Churches Together in Charlbury
Clemence Charitable Trust
Day Books
Doris Field Charitable Organisation
English Cricket Board
Glasgow Foundation
HDH Wills 1965 Charitable Trust
Nine Acres Management Committee
Oxfordshire County Council
Probus Club of Charlbury
PF Charitable Trust
PYE Charitable Settlement
Souldern Trust
Sport England
St Teresa's Church Charlbury
West Oxfordshire District Council
TOE2 (Trust for Oxfordshire Environment).
Waitrose Ltd
Wilderness Festival

The Wilderness Festival organisers who are supporting us by giving an option to donate £2 to the CCCA on their ticketing page. They say "The kindness and tolerance shown to us by the residents of Charlbury is hugely appreciated by all and so one small way to say thank you and show support to the vibrant and creative local community is to help contribute to their new multi-purpose Community Centre"


The Charlbury Community Centre Appeal was established early in 2004 by Lynette Murphy, with Diana Potten as her deputy chairperson, Richard Neville, as treasurer and an active and supportive group of helpers. Richard is still treasurer and Lynette still serves on the committee after all these years. In the first four years of existence the committee raised an amazing £142,000, from many events including a huge garden party at Ditchley Park, which raised £22,000 in one day! The money is ring-fenced according to the CCCA Constitution to be used "for the exclusive purpose of contributing all the monies raised as part of the building and fitting out costs for the proposed Charlbury Community Centre". After active fund raising stopped in 2008 mainly due to the credit crunch and uncertainty about the future of the project, the Community Centre Appeal started its fundraising activities up again in 2012 and we have been active ever since, building on the initial £142,000 raised so that the total now stands at over £250,000.


Ideas for fundraising, questions or comments, please contact Tanya Stevenson, Chair of Charlbury Community Centre Appeal Committee: (810216)

To donate online please use Make-a-Donation:

To donate by cheque, please make it payable to "CCCA" and send to CCCA, C/O Richard Neville, Treasurer, 12 Lees Heights, Charlbury, OX7 3EZ

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