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Welcome to the Charlbury Garden Society. Please visit our page regularly to see what talks, shows and excursions we have to offer. If you are not already a member, it is worth joining. Membership details are shown below.

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Ten Good Reasons for Joining the Society!

1. Full programme of annual events
2. Two seasonal shows
3. Friendly society open to members of all ages
4. Expert information and advice provided when required
5. Interesting talks (free admission to members)
6. Outings to notable gardens
7. Annual plant sale in May
8. Harvest Supper and social evening
9. Discounts at several garden retailers
10. Exclusive entry for occasional special visits

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Membership details for 2018

Membership of the Society costs £5.00 for the entire year, (or £8.00 for a couple at the same address) and all members receive a Membership Card listing all the events. Members will get free admission to the Talks and will receive priority on excursion coach bookings.

The Member's card enables discounts at various Nurseries shown below:

Applegarth Nurseries, Chipping Norton;
Burford Garden Centre (plants only);
Freeland Nursery (plants only) and
Yarnton Garden Centre.

New Members
If you would like to join the Society please contact the membership Secretary at or complete the form at "


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We hold two shows each year: the Spring Show and the September Annual Flower and Produce Show. Both are open to non-members.

Show schedules and the Entry Forms can downloaded using WORD and printed off. Alternatively, a week or so before the Shows, schedules will be available at various points around Charlbury: the Pharmacist, the Corner House, The post Office and the Railway Station.

The SHOWS General





and click Vegetable_Growing for links to advice on growing fruit and veg.


A summarised version of the Spring Show Schedule can be seen here : Spring_Show_Schedule_2018
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The Annual Show Schedule can be seen here:

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The History of the Cups awarded at the Shows

The Society's Constitution

The Society's Officers


A suggestion from Peter Bridgman past Chair of the Charlbury Garden Society

There is almost no limit to what could be grown in redundant black recycling boxes, but I would like to make a few comments
a) The boxes would be very heavy once filled with compost so would need to be in situ before filling
b) They will need about 50 litres of compost Currently £3.86 at B & Q
c) Ideally they will need some sort of watering system to ensure that they never dry out. Make regular checks to ensure that water is penetrating right to the bottom of the box. There are holes already in the bottom of the box to ensure the boxes aren't over watered.
d) Plants will need regular feeding with liquid feed or should have about 400 grammes of slow release fertilizer mixed in thoroughly before planting or sowing.
e) Obviously with vegetables it makes sense to only grow crops that have a high value
f) It might help to paint the boxes white to keep plant roots a bit cooler in hot weather,
g) Plant intensively but avoid overcrowding!

Stonesfield Gardening Club

We would also like to draw members' attention to the activities at Stonesfield Gardening Club.

Charlbury Society members will be very welcome at Stonesfield and any of their activities, and we will welcome them at our talks, shows and our other activities.

Their list of 2018 activities is now available at

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