Are you going to be in Oxford tomorrow?

James Styring

Tue 11 Jan, 14:17 (last edited on Tue 11 Jan, 16:16)

Thanks, James, hopefully we can demonstrate enough take up for it to work in Charlbury.

More info, folks, is here:

James Norris
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Mon 10 Jan, 21:03 (last edited on Mon 10 Jan, 21:04)

Car club is a great idea.
Will mean people who can’t afford a car no longer have to rely on infrequent buses to get about at short notice, people with one car families don’t need a second car clogging the streets, for those rare moments it is needed. They are quick to reserve and take out, cheap for short trips and a god send when you’re in need.

There really is no downside to it.

James Styring
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Mon 10 Jan, 16:58

I have had an offer of help already - thank you, Liz S!

James Styring
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Mon 10 Jan, 16:22

The town council is getting some flyers printed in East Oxford tomorrow a.m. (Tuesday 10th) and because of the unreliability (slowness) of the mail at the moment, and because we'd like to get the flyers in the next few days for local distribution, the printer suggested collection instead. 

He can deliver to anywhere in Oxford tomorrow (Tuesday 10th) afternoon. Would you be able to take them from him and bring them back to Charlbury?

The flyers are a survey to see if there is scope for a car club in Charlbury – cars parked at locations around the town which members can rent by the minute, hour or day – and at short notice.  (You can see and fill out an online version of the survey here: 

If you could help out, we'd really appreciate it. The flyers will be the equivalent to 1.75 reams of A4 (850 sheets of A4, so nearly two of those packets of 500 you get for your domestic printer) so this might be a job for someone near the train station or someone with a car. 

RSVP! Cllr James Styring 07792 375423

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