Big cat sightings

Rachel Ingram

Thu 21 May, 15:42

I know about the model down near the station. 

The one I saw years ago was very real. And a model doesn’t leave a footprint dried in the mud ;-)

Leah Fowler
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Thu 21 May, 14:01

My son saw one down by the station early train , must have been about 1984 

Helen Holwill

Thu 21 May, 13:34

And this thread, which talks about sightings near the quarry.

Hannen Beith
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Thu 21 May, 12:48

Don't know - but I remember this thread from 10 years ago!

Kim Sale

Thu 21 May, 08:14

Hi Rachel,

I've lived in the area for 20 years and I've heard several stories of sightings. My sister told me that she saw something on her journey home to Bicester just a few weeks ago :-)

Rachel Ingram

Wed 20 May, 21:18

While out walking today, beyond Hundley Way towards Ditchley, I spotted a footprint in the dried mud and was struck by its size. I took a photo of it and sent it to a big cat contact, who sent me a side by side comparison of dog and big cat paw prints and agreed with me that this looks very big cat-like. I can’t post a picture here but you can see it in my tweet: wym-1590005847822

I did see a black panther on the way into Charlbury from Woodstock a few years ago and I was wondering whether anyone else had seen one recently? 

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