Extinction (or) Rebellion

Jon Carpenter
(site admin)
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Mon 13 May, 17:56 (last edited on Mon 13 May, 17:59)

The Climate Emergency has risen up the national agenda very rapidly. That’s partly because of the steady flow of research findings, including the UN’s IPCC report last autumn, but especially because of the actions of the group Extinction Rebellion (XR) who put forward three simple demands and are getting very prominent coverage for them, with support from many well-known figures.

The XR website is here. The group also produces podcasts which you can access here or on your podcast app, and which give excellent introductions to their thinking and demands

Some local people who took part in, or supported, the demonstrations in London last month will be meeting on Wednesday May 29 at 7.30pm in the Friends Meeting House, Market Street to share their thoughts and feelings with one another and with anyone else who would like to join them. 

The meeting will be open to anyone who wants to come along and think about what it means to live in a world where we threaten our own species with extinction as a result of our own decisions and choices. This is a process which (if we allow it) could be irreversible within 5 to 10 years.

And specifically, to ask what people who live here can do to mitigate that situation? Can we turn an emergency into an opportunity -- to create a new kind of world and a new way of living and relating? And if so, how? And quickly enough.

The meeting is not a talk or a lecture, nor is it intended to be an argument. It is for people to share thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas at what many find an extremely challenging time. 

And to look ahead, towards how we can actually change what we do (and the values we hold) both individually and also as a country and a global species, to prevent disaster.

Any answers are likely to be both personal and political. What we do know is that we don't have long to come up with them, and to ensure that where necessary the world's governments act on them.

You will be very welcome to come.

Liz Reason
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Tue 30 Apr, 21:29

I was at the first event.  The public response was surprisingly positive.  Several police said that they agreed with the message, and indeed the action.  A friend travelled in a black maria where the police and arrestees discussed sustainable housing, including a police officer's deep refurbishment. It turned into a mini-workshop! I was canvassing in Kidlington on Sunday.  A most unlikely looking resident (my personal prejudices at work here of course) came up to me to say that "we have to start listening to you."  Public opinion is catching up with the seriousness of climate change.  I think we have XR to thank for getting it on the media agenda.  Rallies in Hyde Park wouldn't have achieved that.

Jenny Chambers
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Mon 29 Apr, 11:15 (last edited on Mon 29 Apr, 13:24)

This piece might carry weight with some of the more conservative-


Hannen Beith
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Sun 28 Apr, 14:14

Agree with Andrew and Katie.

Time is running out - very quickly.

Andrew Chapman
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Sun 28 Apr, 10:51

Completely agree with Katie. Our future is down to how we mitigate inconvenience (using the word in the Al Gore sense). Climate change promises ever-greater amounts of inconvenience, discomfort and challenge. If putting up with some relatively mild inconvenience now helps to motivate a species poor at long-term thinking into working together to prevent far greater inconveniences in future - bring it on. (Though I fear it won't.)

Katie Russell
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Sat 27 Apr, 19:38

Tony, this is absolutely the point though. As long as big businesses and commuters are able to continue as they always have done, they will continue to do things that accelerate climage change rather than being forced to change their behaviour and reduce carbon emissions. The status quo cannot continue.

Rachel Jones
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Sat 27 Apr, 07:40

Hi Jon, Thanks for raising this. I've been really impressed by the level of awareness raised on the issue by the recent peaceful protests and would be keen to know and do more locally! 

Tony Morgan
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Fri 26 Apr, 12:30

Katie I totally agree with peaceful protest about climate change, maybe a mass rally in Hyde Park with speakers from across the political, business & charity sectors

What I don't agree with is preventing ordinary people getting to work, diverting police time and losing businesses £12m.

Apart from anything people who are not committed to the cause might well be alienated by this approach rather then motivated to support it 

Katie Russell
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Fri 26 Apr, 09:36

Tony, I don't think either of your comments justify limiting people's right to peaceful protest on an issue as important as climate change. There will be much bigger consequences than people being late for work if climate change is not addressed urgently. I have been incredibly impressed by the attention this has generated at a time when we have consumed as a nation by a single subject for the best part of 3 years!

Tony Morgan
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Thu 25 Apr, 22:19

And the diversion of police resources

Jenny Chambers
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Thu 25 Apr, 16:37

Thanks for raising this Jon. Yes, I've been impressed with the level of planning, organisation and intelligence of the Extinction Rebellion actions. 

I'll use the links you've provided to learn more. 

Tony Morgan
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Thu 25 Apr, 14:43

Not so good for working people who lost wages for being late!

Jon Carpenter
(site admin)
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Thu 25 Apr, 09:57

Did you go to any of the Extinction Rebellion actions in London or Oxford? Or have you been impressed or moved by the issues raised and/or how the campaigns were conducted?

Would you like to link with other people from Charlbury and around, with a view to making more people aware of the emergency and how we can respond, both as individuals and as a country?

If so, please email me at jon@phonecoop.coop (or click my name to the left) and tell me what you think and what action might be appropriate.

Are you new to all this? There was a talk/discussion in London last week organised by the Guardian, with Greta Thunberg, Caroline Lucas and others. It can be seen at https://youtu.be/ZyY8yarwI5g and is a useful starting point for anyone who wants to understand more. (The historical and theoretical background to XR is explained by Roger Hallam in a video at https://youtu.be/8c2f_JmzoWU).

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