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Igor Goldkind

Sun 9 Apr 2006, 10:00

Sorry Susie, but what I said was, I hadn't heard any jazz at the Riverside Festival lately. Also, I know that there is interest in doing something to preserve the memory of David Halliwell,who was a great jazz fan.

Perhaps a return-to-jazz line up as an adjunct to the festival?
On a seperate stage?

Geoff,how would Alan feel about a reinvigoured David Halliwell Memorial Jazz Picnic?

If anyone is interested beyond me, I would put some effort in this.

kate southey

Thu 30 Mar 2006, 22:23

Happy days Geoff!! God I miss the Hothouse! And the Jazz picnic. I'd give my right arm to hear Alan play snorkel (it was called that wasn't it?? It was the one that always got Verity and I dancing anyway) or There aint nobody here but us chickens,again, or Rad do Hippy Warriors! Sigh......

Susie Finch
(site admin)

Thu 30 Mar 2006, 13:48

Igor - you must pay more attention! I have it on good authority that you were present when Alan played at the Corner House back in February this year !!!

Geoff Holmberg

Thu 30 Mar 2006, 13:29

A bit of history!!

I'll reply on behalf of Alan as he's away at the moment - he's back shortly.
The Jazz Picnic started around 15 years ago (from memory) at the bottom of my garden (the stage) overlooking the Mill Cut onto the island where the crowds amassed. Alan Fraser and Rad Segrt played, organised and put together a programme with other various musicians with a jazz base but not exclusively jazz. Around ten years ago we (Chris Wray and Dave Oates were involved by this time) moved the stage onto the island itself (power from a long lead from my kitchen!) and the music developed. I have a video of the first one. Then Dave Oates, Chris Wray, Andy Pickard, various others including Alan enhanced the event with a proper stage and generator, moved it closer to the Cricket Club and then it became a two day event.

The music gradually changed its focus away from jazz but I certainly enjoyed playing and listening in all its formats.

It was always weather dependent and from time to time we postponed to sunnier weekends. One year we held it at Waywood Furniture in Chadlington but I can't remember why. It rained though.

Since the acts were all local it never used to matter too much.

Last summer Alan and I decided to recreate the Jazz Picnic but only in my garden as a sort of private party. To put it back onto the island would need insurance and permission from the Town Council and we left the organising a bit late. Again the weather was crucial - it looked as if were going to be sunny so we went for it.

If we can get some support perhaps we can recreate the old event somehow which was very different from what the Festival became and I see no reason why they shouldn't both exist. I must emphasise that I think the two day festival is a terrific event and I fully support any moves to try and put it back on for this year in whatever form.

- the Riverside Fest=ival

Igor Goldkind

Thu 30 Mar 2006, 11:04

Is Alan still around?

I just have never heard any Jazz at the Riverside in the past 5 years.
Was I not paying attention?

Susie Finch
(site admin)

Thu 30 Mar 2006, 08:56

Igor - back when the Hot House was thriving in Charlbury, Alan Fraser came up with the idea of the Jazz Picnic, a festival of jazz, blues and other music, played on the Mill Field. It is this that has now changed to the Riverside, just another name.

Igor Goldkind

Thu 30 Mar 2006, 03:27

I don't think my suggestion excludes that.

If anything, a jazz component might broaden the appeal, preserve the festival, attract sponsorship etc.

At the risk of provoking even more stones hurled in my direction, I fully support the festival and I think it's a great family weekend and I think all this business about one relatively minor incident last year is completely overblown (has nobody ever been to a real rock concert before?).

HOWEVER, (and I fully to admit to being an old fogey with old fogey tastes), apart from a couple of blues bands I've heard and athe familiarity of a couple of local people I know who I've heard perform, I kind of wish the music was a little broader in appeal.

There, I've said it.

Actually I've said it previously to one or more organiser, so it's not a new opinion coming from me.

I'm sure everyone has has their personal preferences; mine happens to be Jazz, especially modern and hard bop.

And I know that there are numerous talented bands in perpetual tour who would jump at the chance to play open air and in the setting like the Riverside Festival offers. People like Eric Bibbs (Google him if you don't know), used to play here and it definitely wasn't for the money.

Look, I'm not trying to tell anyone how to run their festival and I will shutup if no one agrees but I just think it would be nice (meaning I would personally like it),to broaden the spectrum of music.

It doesn't even have to be Jazz, arts council-funded Big Village is putting on a variety of 'world music' (god,I hate that term) performances in village townhalls throughout the year, why not tie-in with them during the summer?

What about some dance or modern theatre (whatever that is)?

JOKEOr elephants and clowns?JOKE

OK, that was meant to be silly, but you get the idea.

Chris Tatton

Wed 29 Mar 2006, 21:32

Igor - Please put all your efforts into saving the Riverside Festival!

Igor Goldkind

Wed 29 Mar 2006, 16:23

"It would be a huge shame if the festival cannot be staged because of it. I personally have been involved with it since it started as the jazz picnic. I am a musician, and have played there myself."
---Nick Potter, Witney Gazette

There used to be a Jazz Picnic in Charlbury !?!

Anyone interested in reviving the event for both amateur and professional talent, please join this thread.

I would put effort into this either in conjunction with Riverside or independently.

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