Relocating from the City to the Beautiful Countryside

michele marietta
👍 2

Tue 19 Mar, 17:54

Yep. What George said. The Museum is fabulous!

George Ogier
👍 8

Tue 19 Mar, 11:42

We also have a wonderful museum that will reopen for the season over Easter weekend. A perfect place in which to learn about the history of your new home. 

glena chadwick
👍 5

Tue 19 Mar, 11:18

Walk along the river on the island---bottom of Dyers Hill leading to station, turn right along signed path. It was the first thing I did when we moved here c.45 years ago and I knew we had come to the right place ! Also come to the CADS AGM (details on what's on) if any of you are keen on acting or anything else dramatic.

michele marietta
👍 5

Mon 18 Mar, 16:05

Chloe's. Full stop. Excellent food and a lovely place to eat. Welcome to Charlbury!

Matthew Greenfield
👍 11

Sat 16 Mar, 19:46 (last edited on Sat 16 Mar, 19:51)

Check out the Rose and Crown - best pub in the county... (Ye Olde Three Horseshoes not far behind!)

Cezara Thomas
👍 1

Sat 16 Mar, 19:39

Dear Charlbury Community,

We are filled with gratitude for your tremendous support in our search for a new home. Thanks to your emails, posts, and social media help! We have now secured a place on Nine Acres close. Your kindness and generosity have made all the difference, and we're deeply touched by your solidarity. Charlbury truly feels like home already because of neighbours like you. Thank you for being such an amazing community.

As we settle into our new home on Nine Acres Close, we're eager to immerse ourselves fully in the vibrant life of Charlbury. Your support has been invaluable in finding our place, and now we'd love your recommendations on places to go, things to do, clubs to join, and more. I am a sommelier so looking forward to "Wine not" places to go. hehe. 

Feel free to share your favorite spots, activities, and community gatherings. Whether it's a cozy cafe, a scenic walking trail, a local club, or any hidden gems you cherish, we're open to all suggestions.

Your insights will not only help us explore our new surroundings but also deepen our connection with this wonderful community. Thank you for your continued warmth and hospitality.

Looking forward to your recommendations!

Warm regards,

Callum, Zara & Theodore and Christopher 

Callum Thomas
👍 1

Tue 5 Mar, 20:53

Good evening everyone,

Thank you all for your messages - wow! we have started a good debate here.

We didn't realize until we spoke to some lovely locals ( Jane and Bruce - THANK YOU for our lovely chat) that Charlbury is all over the newspapers and co. We had no idea. We came to visit Charlbury many times before the kids and with the children, we love the Cotswolds and the surroundings - our kids love it too, we always felt like relaxed, calm, at home. We also love the fact that Daylesford is nearby, wife is in the creative world so we sometimes had weekends away at the Farmhouse. but we used Kingham as station or drive - Estelle Manor we never been and WE LOVE THE PELICAN and just found out when we visited in January this year that is related to THE BULL.

Anyways, we do hope to find something soon. Thank you all, again :)


The Thomas's

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)

Tue 5 Mar, 11:14

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Callum Thomas
👍 2

Mon 4 Mar, 21:29

Good evening everyone - thank you for your kind messages - emails - comments! 

We have still not found anything ... we need to be there and use the power of the "word of mouth"

We have decided that if we don't find anywhere to longly rent we will be getting an airbnb for a month until we find something around. If any of you have, or know anyone that owns an Airbnb (2 bedrooms) and would like for a weekly rent ( rather than charge us per night) give us a home until we find our home we would appreciate that very much so  - please do send them our way - 
We have Theodore (4.5) going into Reception so we would want him ideally not to miss school - for that we need a home so he can attend school from May. 

PS: We really understand airbnb's are making money,and know the work it's being put into it but 5k a month, 1000 a week or anything like that we are not interested in. We are purely just asking the community to help if they know that the month of May is not a busy month with the airbnb, or just want to help us having a temporary home until we find a home home. 

 THANK YOU ALL. So so lovely to see what a wonderful community Charlbury has! 

 Callum & Zara, Christopher & Theodore  THOMAS

Jane Crawford
👍 1

Sun 3 Mar, 09:31

Hi, might have some ideas for you. Do contact me on 


Liz Drake
👍 1

Sat 2 Mar, 13:27

Hola the Thomas's

We moved here from overseas 6 years ago - best move ever. Lots of lovely houses on the market just now to buy if you are able including near the school and on our lovely lane with countryside views. Not all are on with fairfax so cast your net! Good luck!

Becky Snead

Fri 1 Mar, 20:23

Yes Fairfax for sure. I’ve just moved in (yesterday) to a rental here and Joe at Fairfax has been fantastic.

Paul Rassam
👍 1

Fri 1 Mar, 09:05

Fairfax is by far the best local estate agent; their letting office is in Chipping Norton.  

Charlie M
👍 4

Thu 29 Feb, 16:32

Charlybury is not a new phenomenon ... at least among some of *my* acquaintances ;-) 

Callum Thomas
👍 2

Thu 29 Feb, 16:05

Good afternoon K Harper - Thanks for that!    

It was my computer! a very weird typo was created there haha! CHARLBURY. Have a wonderful rest of your day! 

K Harper

Thu 29 Feb, 14:21

Charly - bury!! 

Callum Thomas
👍 3

Thu 29 Feb, 13:35 (last edited on Thu 29 Feb, 16:09)

Hello Everyone,

Hope you're all doing well! I'm turning to this friendly community for some advice as my family and I are thinking about making a big change from London to Charlbury. After almost a decade in the city, we are ready for a quieter life in the countryside, and Charlbury seems like a perfect fit.

Our little crew includes my wonderful wife and our two kiddos, and we are excited about the idea of discovering a new community, breathing in fresh country air, and maybe even saying hello to some farm animals along the way.

We are also on the lookout for suggestions on trustworthy estate agents or landlords who could help us find a home. If you've had positive experiences or know someone reliable in the real estate scene, we'd greatly appreciate your recommendations.

Thanks a bunch for any insights you can share about Charlbury, and we are looking forward to being part of this lovely community soon!

PS: We are looking for now to rent, not buy. We would like to move by the last week of April 2024. 


The Thomas's

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