michele marietta
👍 8

Thu 24 Nov, 09:19

I'm all for organizing something for the teens of the community, but that isn't going to stop tagging.

'Nook' has said that 'art isn't a crime' (see tag on boards outside coop), but until you actually start making some art, NOOK, right now you're just a bog-standard tagger.

Rachel Brushfield
👍 2

Wed 23 Nov, 22:05

See post about researching the needs of youth in Charlbury. 

Sherif Akil
👍 3

Wed 23 Nov, 11:19

Some say graffiti is an art form and a way of expressing yourself....

Personally, I think it’s ugly vandalism that devalues the whole community. The habit also has strong links to the supply and consumption of drugs…

So, is NOOK our new local dealer? Maybe using the forum is a less offensive way to market their wares.

How does anyone else feel about the contemporary art?

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