Representing the views of youth in Charlbury

Helen Holwill
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Tue 22 Nov, 09:22

Great idea, Rachel. Just thinking generally - would the Shed be a cooler venue (if smaller) for youth meet ups?

Rachel Brushfield
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Mon 21 Nov, 20:13

Michele - great idea. Even better - get them to organise it and invite us. Sponsors can fund food/drink/venue - make them feel special and empowered. 

michele marietta
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Mon 21 Nov, 12:08

Once they're past year 8 or so, going to Youth Club at the community centre isn't cool anymore (NB: say my two). What could make YC 'cooler'? Or is there something we could do that's a bit different for the older kids?

Why not have a town hall-type meeting for the kids? Invite them all. Provide snacks and drinks and then ask them what they'd like to have/do around town?

Gareth Epps
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Mon 21 Nov, 07:55

It would be very helpful to survey young people and try to understand what might usefully be provided.  I’ve been involved in similar work, but not for some time.  Happy to discuss relevant and effective ways of doing this.

Claire Wilding
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Sun 20 Nov, 18:56

Hi Rachel, a few years back Charlbury wrote a community plan and there was a group of people looking particularly at children and young people and what they needed.   Since then we've had the community centre built, which has provided a lot more facilities that young people were asking for. There's also a youth mentoring scheme.  The Town Council is interested in hearing what else young people would like. 

Rachel Brushfield
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Sun 20 Nov, 15:24

What forums do we have in Charlbury to understand youth and their views/needs? 

Excuse my ignorance but I am not tuned into this. 

Youth have been massively affected in the last few years by Covid-19 etc, years that could have been very different. 

They will inherit the world that older generations have created. 

Charlbury has amazing talent - could we create a mentoring programme, series of workshops or the equivalent of  an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for them in our community? These may exist already in Charlbury. 

Excuse my naivety on this topic. You all probably know this stuff. 

Look forward to seeing your comments. 

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