Wayne Pugh Chiropodist / Podiatrist within Charlbury

Wayne Pugh

Sun 16 Oct 2005, 21:44

I would just like to introduce myself, I'm a professionally qualified Podiatrist registered with the Health Professions Council, as well as providing private servies to Charlbury I also work for the NHS as a Podiatrist. I offer a comprehensive range of treatments from routine management of corns, callus & nails through to nail surgery under local anaesthesia. I also assess people biomechanically and deal with foot, ankle, knee, hip & lower back pain. A lot of lower back pain is caused by having one leg longer than the other, the solution usually involes orthoses (bespoke insoles) can sometimes be quite simple. I also assess and treat children (Podopaediatrics), many children have flatfeet, some have an intoeing walking style, most will grow out of this condition, however the remainder may not and go on to suffer foot pain, orthoses changing the malalignment of the feet can correct & prevent long term deformity & pain. My clinics are based within The Charlbury Pratcie at the Spendlove Centre. I'm very happy to offer Podiatric advice or discuss any concerns you may have. You can respond to this thread or give me a call 07715 538769 or via the practice on 01608 811999.

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