Rushy Bank

Christine Battersby
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Tue 27 Sep, 08:30

The photo in the Oxford Mail on 15 September was taken back in January, so if that is the basis on which the site seemed "boggy", that should be borne in mind.

The home page of the website of "The Friends of the West Oxfordshire Cotswolds" states "We wrote to WODC setting out our complaint on 1st September but they have rejected our case. We have filed a claim in the High Court."

To answer a previous question: the developer is HarperCrewe, a Leamington Spa based developer run by Adrian Bloor, which sets out to "work with landowners, investors and communities in a way that large housebuilders can’t (and won’t)".

Heather Williams

Tue 27 Sep, 07:35

The only comment I will make, and we haven't had much rain, is that the site already look boggy, so I hope they have put some contingency plans in!

Alex Michaels

Mon 26 Sep, 23:30

If the Oxford Mail is to believed it appears a new legal challenge is underway about WODC's acceptance of the developer's step-wise changes to the boundary with the ancient woodland.

Phil Morgan
👍 10

Fri 23 Sep, 12:40

Yes, I agree that this is great news! I am so glad that WODC planners have not succumbed to intimidation and defended their original approval. 

This harks back to an animated debate on this Forum some years ago. Well done to the developer for his perseverance.

Rachel Ramsay
👍 1

Fri 23 Sep, 09:25

That’s great news. Who is the developer?

Mark Sulik

Thu 22 Sep, 18:06

Does this include the Dementia care facility?  

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
👍 7

Thu 22 Sep, 12:50

Cycling down the Forest Road today I see work has (finally) started!

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