Slow feeding bowl for dogs?

Caspar Morris
👍 2

Wed 21 Sep, 07:38

I have one James, not in use so I’ll pop you a message 

sarah routley

Wed 21 Sep, 05:21

I throw my dogs food onto the garden every meal so he has to find it, that slows him down!

Sandy Fairhurst

Tue 20 Sep, 18:43

I have one, but it’s in use! Without it my dog just swallows her food in the blink of an eye.

With it, she’s hardly slow, but it’s a noticeable improvement. She had no problem getting used to it.

I can’t really think how i could share it with you. I feed mine twice a day, @some point between 10 and 11.30 and again between 6 and 7 ish. If you get no better offers we could maybe arrange something?

James Styring

Tue 20 Sep, 17:26

Hi, does anyone have a slow feeding bowl for dogs that we could borrow for a day to see if your dog gets on with one? E.g. Thanks in anticipation, James 07792 375423.

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