Autumn 2nd booster Covid vaccinations

Rosemary Bennett

Tue 20 Sep, 21:13

Thanks J Fox, we have just done the same routine (online) and have them confirmed for next week.

J Fox

Mon 19 Sep, 10:11 (last edited on Mon 19 Sep, 10:13)

Called 119 and booked COVID Booster for last Thurs at Chippy. Your flu jab can be booked at Averose pharmacy. No waiting. 

Rosemary Bennett
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Fri 16 Sep, 09:34

Thanks very much Nikki, Hannen and Christine. Much appreciated.

Christine Battersby

Fri 16 Sep, 08:44 (last edited on Fri 16 Sep, 08:44)

And is CMC planning to give the fifth Covid shot and the flu vaccine shot at the same time to those who are eligible for both? 

If so, I'll cancel the Covid vaccination booster that I currently have booked for Kidlington the week before.

Or perhaps it's wise to space out the two vaccinations. Any advice appreciated.

Hannen Beith
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Fri 16 Sep, 07:33 (last edited on Fri 16 Sep, 07:46)

These details have been on the CPPG section of the Community section for some time.

It's also well worth visiting and registering on the new website - a lot of voluntary work went into creating it.

Nikki Rycroft
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Thu 15 Sep, 21:43

Yes, the Practice is planning targeted sessions in the first week of October,  probably the Tuesday and Thursday of that week , 
If you are registered with CMC  and you join the ‘virtual patient group’  by emailing: 

you will never have to ask as you will receive full information regularly from the Practice , as well as informative newsletters on various aspects of health. 

Rosemary Bennett
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Thu 15 Sep, 20:54

Are there any plans for a forthcoming 2nd booster vaccination session at the Charlbury 

Medical Centre, please? Thanks for any information…….

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