Misdelivered DPD parcel

Brigid Sturdy

Sun 7 Aug, 20:14

Contrary to your experience, Frank,  DPD Banbury seem to have rung our number on Tuesday afternoon (01295 628803,  incoming calls apparently not accepted), and finding there was no reply the driver decided to dump the parcel anyway.

Any luck with your delivery today?

Frank Payne

Sun 7 Aug, 08:21

We were expecting a DPD delivery yesterday. Although we were definitely in at the time, a message was sent saying ‘sorry you were out’, with the promise of a delivery today. Highly sceptical and very inconvenient, we’ll see what happens.

Helen Wilkinson

Fri 5 Aug, 19:04

I think DPD have somebody new covering our area. We never used to have issues with them but the last few deliveries have been wrong/mis delivered/undelivered. I have added our location and photos to my account on the DPD app - but they still tried to deliver to the wrong house today. Good luck ! They say they will try again on Monday….

Brigid Sturdy

Fri 5 Aug, 18:22

DPD allegedly delivered a large, probably quite heavy parcel, addressed to my son Edmund Sturdy, to our address in Woodfield Drive on Tuesday. Edmund ordered the item but doesn't live here, and we were away until Thursday. The DPD photo he received shows the parcel ('signed for by Sturdy') but no identifiable background. There's no sign that a card was put through the door, and the parcel wasn't left with either of our nearest neighbours.  Any help will be gratefully received!

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