Church Clock - Slow

James Goad
👍 2

Thu 4 Aug, 15:02

It is particularly out at the moment. These old mechanisms do wander due heat, humidity and other factors. I noticed it a lot when I used to commute to Oxford and quickly learned not to rely on the chimes to tell if I was running late.

James Norris

Tue 2 Aug, 07:51

It’s really annoying once you notice it.

Mark Sulik

Tue 2 Aug, 00:37


Russell Ingham
👍 15

Mon 1 Aug, 17:04

The reason being that the volunteer watchmaster elf is currently on holiday though he is back in residence this week and, at present, the error does not warrant his apprentices to meddle. As for the chimes: - antique mechanisms, heat - induced cable expansion and above all, bird nesting detritus all generate our unique Charlbury jangles.

Mark Sulik
👍 1

Sun 31 Jul, 12:13

Noted that the clock chimes are about 8 mins late 

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