Two Delivery Pallets wanted for keeping a delivery off groun

Malcolm Blackmore

Thu 23 Jun, 15:06

Many thanks Hans. As the roof rack is actually on the car we were going to pop over this afternoon, hopefully we would have found your house on Spelsbury Rd from just the name.

But it turns out Janet got a sms text this morning and we have had two pallets delivered to our drive whilst- being a terrible circadian Owl - I was asleep this morning.

So we are “sorted” for keeping the delivery boxes dry footed.

The pallet situation in the global supply chain is insane and probably obscene. A huge amount of perfectly good forest trees are made into pallets and they are just THROWN AWAY with no thought to systematic reuse. Pallets are constantly coming up on the Charlbury website to give away.

I don’t know what it was like in Britain in the 1960s but us more energetic Elementary School boys (sic) from the poorer households got our only pocket money from mowing lawns and- probably the biggest earner- collecting deposit paid bottles from the neighbourhood to take to the shop over a mile away. The “tricky-tacky” working class new housing estates on the city’s edge outside the near slum downtown older residential area had been developed without planning thought to facilities like shopping. Not even “sidewalks” and for some years just gravel roads which were sprayed with a runny really smelly tar a few times a summer to keep the dust down. Dragging your little sisters’ carts laden full with bottles over 3000 yards in 90+ degree Fahrenheit summer temperatures over a *gravel* surface meant we earned every cent!

I’m sure I remember in the 70s when I was working in the building and agricultural areas pallets were a deposit returnable item? Recall big piles of them neatly stacked up in a corner for collection. When did this slide into environmental insanity of disposability?

Hans Eriksson

Wed 22 Jun, 20:27

Yes I have two pallets for you. Pick them up on the verge outside of Evencroft Spelsbury Rd Charlbury OX7 3LR. Regards Hans

Malcolm Blackmore

Wed 22 Jun, 17:16

Two Delivery Pallets wanted for keeping a delivery off ground under a tarpaulin

We are getting a delivery pro tem which we will cover for a few days under a tarpaulin and off the ground in case of rain. Two ordinary pallets ideal for this.

Does anyone have two pallets we could either borrow or have?

07947 076257 or mail through website to me.

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