Train strikes Oxfordshire route changes released by operator

Matt Bullock
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Tue 21 Jun, 10:08

There's an hourly service today between London Paddington and Oxford, an hourly service between Oxford and Didcot and an hourly service through Oxford on Cross Country between Birmingham and Southampton. John's suggestion was asking to extend the Paddington service further along the Cotswold line, not any special shuttle or bus replacement. As previously noted, a lack of signalling staff has scuppered any hope of this. 

Emily Algar
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Tue 21 Jun, 09:01

Alex, there are picket lines, a cursory glance at the news shows RMT members at picket lines protesting. It may not be in the same way the miners had picket lines or withdrew their labour, but it still exists.

Steve, I don't drive so I rely on the train for nearly all my travelling so I, like a lot of other people, have been affected by the strike. However, to say that the RMT is deliberately targeting passengers is unfair as it ignores the role the government and train operators have played in the strike going ahead. 

I also did not say taking a bus, travelling by car or taxi would be crossing the picket line, metaphorical or otherwise. I said asking for GWR to put on a shuttle service comprised of agency staff or asking GWR to run a bus replacement service, would be.

Steve Jones

Mon 20 Jun, 21:32 (last edited on Mon 20 Jun, 21:35)

It does appear from at least one response here that it's the passengers that are deemed to be the legitimate target given stated opposition to a substitute bus service.

Taking a bus, or a car or a taxi is not crossing a picket line. It's basically trying to cope with a situation not of one's own making.

Alex Flynn

Mon 20 Jun, 20:46

Emily, surely for something to cross the picket lines there needs to actually be picket lines? Where are the picket lines in this case? Simply staying at home rather than fronting up like the miners did in the mid '80s is merely a withdrawal of labour.  

John Dora

Mon 20 Jun, 16:23

GW's MD did reply and noted that it's a lack of Network Rail signallers that is the problem, not GW staff.

Emily Algar
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Sun 19 Jun, 13:16

Surely by asking GWR to put on rail replacement or extend trains to Charlbury, GWR, and you indirectly, will be crossing the picket line? 

Yes, it is a shame that the strike as fallen on this particular weekend but given that the train operators and the government have refused to negotiate in a meaningful with the RMT, staff have not been given any choice but to strike. 

Alex Flynn

Sun 19 Jun, 00:27

John Dora did you get a reply from the MD of GWR? Just curious

Nick Millea

Fri 17 Jun, 16:12

Thank you John - much appreciated, and looking forward to appreciating your support James! It should be a wonderful day.

Matt Bullock

Fri 17 Jun, 08:43

Thanks James, much appreciated!

And to John too!

James Norris
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Thu 16 Jun, 22:33 (last edited on Thu 16 Jun, 22:33)

Worry not. I’ll drink the difference, lads.

Gareth Epps
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Thu 16 Jun, 22:13

I guess we’ll need to talk up the bus service from Oxford to the beer festival then.

John Dora
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Thu 16 Jun, 21:38

I've pm'd the MD of GWR - asking if they could run a shuttle or extend Oxford trains to Charlbury on 25th - they can reverse trains here, which would make things easier, so here's hoping!

Matt Bullock
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Thu 16 Jun, 13:35

This is of course bad news for the Charlbury Beer Festival on Saturday 25 June. A lot of our customers travel here by train so this will have a detrimental effect on our numbers, the money we raise, and consequently the amount we can give out in grants to local groups, organisations and good causes. 

Many of you and your families will have directly or indirectly benefitted from the £250k we have raised since 1998, whether it be the Canoe club, Primary School, Morris dancers, Tennis Club, Riverside, SHED, Football Club, Charlbury Library and many more. 

So, good people of Charlbury, please come out in force and support us!

Tim at Cotswold Frames
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Thu 16 Jun, 12:00

In case anyone needs to know

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