Andrene Jenkins

Terry Duggin
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Tue 21 Jun, 00:48

Hi Gareth,

I have been in touch with Amanda with great results.

Thank you for your efforts,

Best wishes, Terry

Terry Duggin
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Thu 16 Jun, 02:06

Hi Gareth, I would appreciate you passing on a message for me.

My aim is to establish whether Alexander MacCallum who died in Melbourne in 1954, the husband of Margaret and father of Andrene is the man that the MacCallum Oval in Woomera was named after. The only known facts are that he did significant work in Woomera and that when he died, the Woomera newspaper indicated that he had a wife and daughter in Melbourne. The death certificate I have confirms this and that he was a Mechanical Engineer.

I am trying to find any connection between this Alexander and Woomera.

Any knowledge that Andrene's children may have of their grandfather being connected with the formation of the Woomera Rocket Range would put him in his rightful place in history.

My email address is

Gareth Epps
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Wed 15 Jun, 08:02

I’m loosely in touch with her children and could forward a direct message if you like.

Terry Duggin
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Wed 15 Jun, 04:19

Last year the passing of Andrene was reported in this forum.

Do any of Andrene's family live in Charlbury or does anyone know where they live?

I believe that Andrene's father, Alexander MacCallum worked on the Woomera Rocket Range in South Australia the 1950s and there is an oval in Woomera named after him. I am trying to establish that this Alexander is the same person.

I live in South Australia.

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