WARNING! Blandford flies out in Charbury now!

Christine Battersby
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Sat 14 May, 12:37

Dorset County Council controls Blandford fly by dosing their rivers with Bti for a couple of weeks: https://www.buglobalenvironmentalsolutions.co.uk/post/critical-blandford-fly-control-continues

Last year I used mosquito dunks (available on amazon) in my pond as I was unable to keep the water moving, due to the need to replace the lining of my pond. I am continuing to use 1 of the remaining dunks in my pond this year. 

Gareth Epps

Sat 14 May, 12:13

They are all over the place, not just near rivers. They seem selective in who they bite though (famous last words).

Elaine Kazimierczuk

Sat 14 May, 12:10

Blandford flies are about in Charlbury now.  I have recently come to live in Charlbury and was completely ignorant of these until I had 12 bites over a week ago and still have awful swelling and blisters which are painful and very slow to heal. They are tiny black flies. I was probably bitten on the footpath between The Slade and Pooles Lane which runs beside a stream. The females are out now (especially near water) looking for a blood meal in order to complete the maturation of her eggs prior to laying. Cover up, especially your legs! Keep away from water if risk of severe allergy.


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