Queen's Jubilee Beacons

Russell Ingham

Sat 14 May, 21:49

James, thank you, I stand corrected and I shall look on with interest!

Christine Battersby

Sat 14 May, 21:17 (last edited on Sat 14 May, 21:21)

Well, Swinbrook managed a beacon for the Diamond Jubilee, so why not the Platinum as well? Photos online. 

James Norris

Sat 14 May, 20:22

There is, Russell. They’ve just not told you is all.

Russell Ingham

Sat 14 May, 20:02

Christine, I suspect that somewhere along the line that there has been an error. I am very familiar with the St Mary's tower roof and as far as I am aware there is no beacon or any infrastructure to support one- unless the PCC know differently!

Christine Battersby
👍 1

Fri 13 May, 13:46

The beacons across Oxfordshire are listed here: https://www.oxfordshire-lieutenancy.org/the-queens-platinum-jubilee-2022

Nearest to us are Blenheim; Daylesford (Kingham); Tower of St Mary's Church, Swinbrook, Burford; Great Rollright Village Hall, Great Rollright, and Brize Norton. Also Stow (but not in Oxfordshire). Yet to find a decent interactive map! 

Details about the beacons (from the Rollright parish council website) here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60bb599c70faee6f7ef0835c/t/6277bc4ad91c307a62fbbe06/1652014174592/Guide_To_Taking_Part_Online.pdf

Alan F Harrison

Fri 13 May, 11:42 (last edited on Fri 13 May, 11:51)

I haven't seen any local news about the beacons.

Oxford events are shown here.

Details of the event and those taking part can be viewed by going to the Guide To Taking Part found at www.queensjubileebeacons.com

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