Plumber required urgently to cut gas off

Sarah Khoja

Tue 10 May, 22:52

Thanks Malcolm. It was a bit more complicated than just stopping the gas. I admit I probably didn’t make it clear though. All sorted now anyway! 😀

Malcolm Blackmore
👍 1

Tue 10 May, 14:30

Apologies if this is telling grandma how to suck eggs, but nevertheless:

Unless you are talking about cutting the actual supply pipe itself , you should have a simple lever next to the meter that you pull to the right angle position to the pipe to stop flow to the pipe work in the building.

If it’s outside in a white box all houses should have a simple key to unlatch the box so as to provide access to the cut off tap.

If you don’t have a key it’s probable a neighbour does and I would be flabbergasted if a builder doesn’t have one in hi/ers box! I never in the days I was fit enough to do serious maintenance, messed about with anywhere near gas without turning off the meter supply. You are supposed to be able to do this much at least as a user for basic safety and keys are easy to get.

Sarah Khoja

Mon 9 May, 09:25 (last edited on Mon 9 May, 11:33)

Can anyone recommend a plumber who is qualified to cut the gas off? We need it done by tomorrow afternoon. Many thanks. 
All sorted! 

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