Bagpipes needed—any to loan?

Steve Jones
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Sat 15 Jan, 23:22 (last edited on Sat 15 Jan, 23:23)

I think as bagpipes appear to be a biological health hazard then my favoured policy of incinerating them is clearly the right approach. It should be said when I ventured this opinion in he pub tonight it was no well received. I still maintain the view that the bagpipe is no so much a musical instrument as a weapon of war fulfilling the same role as the siren on a Stuka dive bomber.

However, it seems I'm in a minority on this issue as was proven by the otherwise unaccountable success of Mull of Kintyre, the first single to sell 2 million copies in the UK...

Alan F Harrison
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Sat 15 Jan, 13:31 (last edited on Sat 15 Jan, 17:12)

The bagpipe is inappropriately blown by others who are not its owner.

A piper died years ago from a bacterium within the moisture which inevitably accumulates in the bag.  From that it is reasonable to conclude that covid-related organisms can survive in the bag.

Your request sounds as if a Burn's event is imminent.

As a piper I may be able to assist others who are about to engage in such an event. About two weeks either side of 25 January was the norm but whenever.

In addition to piping the haggis in, I can relate all toasts and replies except the Reply from the Lassies [!].

Alan Harrison  né Kirk   more

michele marietta
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Thu 13 Jan, 17:32

AND the banjo.

Pipes located! I am excited.

I am not sure about the neighbours.

Charlie M
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Thu 13 Jan, 09:58

Valerie ... that also has been applied to an accordian ;-) 

Valerie Stewart
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Thu 13 Jan, 00:23

One definition of a gentleman (can't remember where I read it, could be PG Wodehouse):

'Someone who can play the bagpipes .. and doesn't.'

michele marietta

Wed 12 Jan, 20:39

Does anyone out there have a set of bagpipes I could borrow??


07817 890 787

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