Tape cassette player needed

Sarah Geeson Brown

Fri 14 Jan, 18:03

Wow, thanks everyone. Much appreciated. 

Steve Jones

Fri 14 Jan, 12:11

A cassette player with a USB output isn't essential if you have a computer with an audio (preferably line-level) input. Use a 3.5 mm stereo jack connection (I think - it may be 2.5"). For a laptop without an audio in, a USB audio adapter will do the job. I would concur with the use of Audacity.

The best quality replay is what you want, and if somebody has a good quality HiFi separate cassette player then they are ideal.

This is a sound adapter. Of course one of those USB cassette players might be more convenient, but I suspect they aren't the best of playback quality if that's a priority.

This is the type of USB sound adapter that is available pretty cheaply. The only issue is that I can't speak for the quality of the analogue to digital conversion, but it's probably at least as good as any cassette tape.


Michael Peake
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Fri 14 Jan, 11:53

To digitise the tapes, you'll need a cassette player with a USB output (example).

Then, assuming you have a computer (desktop or laptop), you'll want some audio software (I recommend Audacity which is free) and a good helping of patience. You don't need to be a computer whizz to do it but some confidence in learning new software is required.

Alex Flynn

Thu 13 Jan, 22:26 (last edited on Fri 14 Jan, 09:30)

A quick Google took me here https://www.iamfy.co/product/crs132-usb-cassette-player-recorder-with-external-microphone

Sarah Geeson Brown

Thu 13 Jan, 21:55

Thanks Merle. How great that my favourite and local bookshop can offer this. I'll be in touch once I've had the chance to hear the tapes.

merle esson

Thu 13 Jan, 09:59

The Woodstock Bookshop can get your tapes transferred to digital files. 01993 812760

Sarah Geeson Brown

Wed 12 Jan, 18:57

Great! Thanks Helen. I've sent you a message via this site with my phone number etc. S

Helen Holwill

Wed 12 Jan, 17:59

I have one that was kindly given to me for a similar purpose. You would be welcome to borrow it. 

Sarah Geeson Brown

Wed 12 Jan, 17:57

Does anyone have a portable tape cassette player I could borrow? I've found some tapes with family voices recorded from 30 years ago, and frustratingly have nothing to play them on.

Also, any recommendations as to how I transfer them to digital files?

Thanks so much. Sarah G-B

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