Recommendations - plumber to replace boiler

Lucy Taylor
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Thu 13 Jan, 21:13

Thank you all for your help! 

Clive Gibson-Leitch
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Thu 13 Jan, 18:43

I would also thoroughly recommend John Shaw.

Hannen Beith
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Thu 13 Jan, 16:50

John Shaw.

Malcolm Blackmore
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Thu 13 Jan, 16:45

Do you need a carbon-producing gas boiler? If you look into changing a few common steel radiators (inefficient) with alloy high efficiency radiators like the ones we used for in London from 1985 until the present, a HEAT PUMP would suffice at less than half the energy consumption of gas fired boiler. That’s. A conservative measure.

The enthral heating installers laughed at me for insisting on aluminium and other alloy LowWater Content radiators less than half the normal size. “Will never warm the place up with those little radiators and the boiler - again HALF the recommended capacity - you’re making a fool of yourself”. WELLLL… He who laughs last. >;->

The warmest house yet and the problem was that some rooms with .50% sized radiators were too hot! On the two occasions I drained down the entire system the total water content of the WHOLE system - radiators, boiler and all radiators and every pipe - was LESS THAT 2 GALLONS by some margin. We’ve got COSY HOMES based here in Charlbury so should take advantage of it! There are Government subsidies of considerable size to buy Heat Pumps.

We’re just about to change our last-legs gas boiler for a heat pump and its government subsidy. Having just had the ground floor rooms joined into a single big room now that kids are leaving, all ground floors are hacked about and this would be a great time to go the whole mile to an underfloor system. But a high-efficiency radiator replacement for some of the rooms is a lot less hassle!!

Wendy Bailey
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Thu 13 Jan, 16:06

John Shaw 5*

Helen Holwill
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Thu 13 Jan, 14:33

John Shaw has just done mine and did a great job. I'd definitely recommend him.

Joan Denton
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Thu 13 Jan, 13:27

John Shaw local Plumber 07786746461 

Hans Eriksson
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Thu 13 Jan, 10:33

You could try Craig Wyatt, Chadlington. He replaced our boiler in 2016 and it has been fine.

Susie Finch
(site admin)
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Thu 13 Jan, 10:13

Try Joe Henderson who replaced our boiler last  Christmas and was very prompt in responding and very good.  Mobile number is 07880 332729

Lucy Taylor

Mon 10 Jan, 18:27


I’m looking for a plumber to replace a boiler. I would really appreciate some recommendations of good local firms.



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