Booster clinic today

Miranda Higham
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Thu 2 Dec, 11:31 (last edited on Thu 2 Dec, 11:33)

I got mine in Witney walk in at 5months 2weeks. I asked the person monitoring the queue to check for me as I didn’t want to get turned away after a long wait in the cold.

They came back to me with a yes ok for over 50s. This was before government announcement.

Once I had got the booster, I cancelled my 6 month appointment at Exeter Hall Kidlington.

Gareth Epps
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Thu 2 Dec, 08:24

Total confusion as the Government have told everyone to expect a booster after 3 months now, but if people check eligibility they will find they’re not eligible.  I feel for those running the clinics and dealing with this incompetence.

Zoe Burton
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Thu 2 Dec, 07:46

Hi Tanya, someone behind me on Tuesday wasn’t quite at the 6 month date and the doctor came out to speak to her before saying “yes.” It would be worth speaking to the assistant at the front of the queue to check before joining as they seemed to speaking to everyone individually who didn’t quite meet the criteria. Hope that helps and you can get it!

Tanya Stevenson
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Wed 1 Dec, 23:16

Will they give you the booster even if it’s not quite 6 months since you had the second dose? I’m going to Witney tomorrow but my six months isn’t up until Saturday. I don’t want to queue and be turned away. 

Heather Williams

Wed 1 Dec, 18:39

When i was in Witney just before 9am there were no queues at the Open Air car park near the multi storey, I presume that is where the boosters/vaccinations are being done?

Birgit den Outer
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Wed 1 Dec, 15:25

The lunch time queues at the drop-in booster clinic in Witney were not so bad today - I was in and out within 45 minutes. 

Matthew Greenfield
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Mon 29 Nov, 15:01 (last edited on Thu 2 Dec, 14:23)

Thank you Nikki for keeping us informed. I have had two Covid vaccines at CMC and a flu jab this year. It was all very well organised and efficient at a time when GP surgeries are under extreme pressure (and under attack from certain parts of the media for some weird reason).

I decided to book my booster at the Kassam as I wanted to book a specific time to avoid queues. The Kassam was very busy but again well organised with not too much hanging around.

Miranda Higham
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Mon 29 Nov, 11:14

I got my booster yesterday morning in Witney. Two hours from back of queue to vaccinated. Well worth the wait. But wrap up warm! 
A lady in the queue behind me tried to get her booster Saturday evening at 6pm but they had run out.

Flora Gregory

Mon 29 Nov, 10:58

The pop up vaccination clinic in Witney has a 21/2 hour tailback this morning...

Nikki Rycroft
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Thu 25 Nov, 10:57

As usual we shall let you know if there is another CMC Covid booster clinic taking place at the Sports Centre . In the meantime please see Richard’s post about the Witney clinic if you are due soon or have missed your appointment. 

Yes it was very chilly on Tuesday but heartening to see so many people coming to be vaccinated and massively reducing their chances of becoming seriously ill. 

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
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Tue 23 Nov, 16:24 (last edited on Tue 23 Nov, 16:24)

There’s a pop-up vaccination clinic (including boosters) in Witney from Friday: 

Matthew Greenfield
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Tue 23 Nov, 16:14

I assume this was only for those who were invited by the Charlbury Medical Centre for an appointment?

Birgit den Outer

Tue 23 Nov, 15:56

Help, I did not know this was on. Will there be another one?

Brigid Avison
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Tue 23 Nov, 15:52

I'd just like to express my thanks to all the staff and volunteers for managing the flow of people so well, and hope that the volunteers who were standing outside for several hours are able to thaw out quickly (and feel the inner glow of having helped in this way).

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