Baby Monitor

Christine Donaldson

Mon 22 Nov, 21:37

Hi Tony,

I highly recommend the BT one Christine mentions. We've been through two or three with our kids and this one stood the test of time! It's really simple, has really clear sound and works over a good distance even through multiple thick walls.

Good luck!


Tony Morgan

Mon 22 Nov, 21:24

Thanks for the advice 

Janet Burroughs

Mon 22 Nov, 19:58

Hi Tony 

Try Argos?? They have a V Tech audio Baby Monitor or a Motorola £20. They just plug in to electric socket. I have a Motorola set reversed - so that I hear the door bell when working upstairs!! 

Christine Battersby

Mon 22 Nov, 19:55

I don't know for certain, but this might do the job: BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400. It seems to be radio signal only, not wifi.

Also note that a lot of 3G networks are due to be discontinued in 2022.

My kindle Paperwhite has already lost its 3G. Not sure if that was due to EE (but I thought EE did not turn off 3G until early next year) or amazon. It disappeared without any announcement being made a few weeks ago ...

Lots of devices that currently work on 3G will soon cease to have internet access. So if your issue is privacy only, you might find more choices than you expect ... also some bargains.

Tony Morgan

Mon 22 Nov, 19:30

Does anyone know where we can get a non internet based sound only baby monitor

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