Happy Hanukkha

Igor Goldkind

Wed 24 Dec 2008, 08:31

Thanks Pippa, it's good to know your daughter might see something new. I unfortunately missed the first night because I was working last Sunday but they're lighting a another candle every night this week at 5 pm and I believe the food is every night as well.

For a good account of the myth/story/belief/miracle (take your pick!)of Hanukkha check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanukkah

As well as an interesting critical appraisal of Hanukkha and Christmas at tinyurl.com/9p6jkh.


Pippa Nash

Tue 23 Dec 2008, 21:03

Thanks Igor for this. Quite liked the idea of exposing my daughter (almost 4)to different experiences so we went down to Oxford for the festival. Nothing happening at 4.40 so headed to find a coffee and returned at 5.05 - sadly we'd missed the unicyclist and juggler, but it was quite amusing to see the Rabbi and the Lord Mayor navigate (expertly) in their hydraulic platform to reach the lights. Sadly we couldn't reach the table of food, but an experience none the less. Happy Hanukkha and Shalom.

Igor Goldkind

Wed 17 Dec 2008, 08:53

I know that this time of year most Charlbury residents are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, but there is another 'festival of lights' that coincides with this festive time of year and that is of course, the Jewish celebration of Hanukkha (literally, "dedication").

Although I am aware there are only a handful of local residents who would identify themselves as of the Jewish faith (and I'm far from being an faithful observant myself), these are all festivities of light that we can celebrate together as a community at the same time of year.

And although we may be of different faiths (and some of us of none at all), we can all celebrate in common the passing of winter and our shared hopes for a better spring.

To my Jewish neighbours, Happy Hanukkha and Shalom

Grand Menorah Lighting Ceremony

With Lord Mayor of Oxford Ms. Susannah Pressel

Entertainment by professional juggler & unicyclist

Doughnuts, hot soup, gifts for children, music

1st Night of Chanukah, Sun, 21 Dec, 5pm

Broad St (outside Balliol College), Oxford

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