Proposed Parking Changes Hixet Wood & Fishers Lane

Charlie M
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Fri 19 Nov, 14:59

I have responded on LetsTalk and also written to Mr Mauz, making the point that this parking proposal is primarily due to the Marlborough family's Hixet Wood development, and that they could help their own project by allowing access to the new estate (or whatever it is) via the land around Lee Place.

I do not expect in a million years that they will accept my proposal. As I also said, when the Marlboroughs shout "JUMP!", the normal response of local councils seems to be "How high?".

Brian Murray
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Fri 19 Nov, 14:24

Today is the last day for objections and observations to be lodged, should you wish for your views to be considered.

Go to;!

or email, quoting Ref CM/12.5.156

Please, let's not loose this valuable on-street parking.

Rosemary Bennett
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Wed 10 Nov, 17:50

This is another inappropriate case that deserves to be thrown out. This fragile little area of Charlbury old town can barely take yet another assault from second homes, etc. let alone another building site. As stated earlier, there are not enough parking spaces for existing householders. What’s not to understand in that?

Charlie M
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Tue 9 Nov, 21:03

Mr. Tatton, I refer the Honourable Member to the response I made on 26th October.

This is not a case of NIMBYism. It is much worse.

Father Clive Dytor
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Tue 9 Nov, 20:41

That steep hill past Dean and Terry’s garage is a constant thoroughfare for Mums and children on foot. My daughter in law and her three, Mel and hers, Gentleman Joe’s family, the nice Irish lady doctor etc etc…these little ones are extremely vulnerable and removing parked cars at the side will encourage faster traffic descent..of heavy, dangerous lorries. It is utter madness to not protect our families.I have written in to complain but…no reply…

Chris Tatton
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Tue 9 Nov, 20:20

I can’t for the life of me understand why the development proposed for Hixet wood was ever given permission , which will only make parking and access much worse in the vicinity.

They proposed a similar development in the late 1990’s, but the then West Oxfordshire District Council Uplands Planning Committee of which I was vice chairman, felt that there were considerable planning reasons and other consequences  to prevent the development proceeding. 

Failure to stop the development recently still has consequences such as parking as is now being discovered. Shameful. 

Damian Gannon
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Mon 8 Nov, 10:25

Parking will become difficult for many living, working and visiting in the new development area. In addition to the heavy vehicles, there will be the cars used by site workers, managers and other associated professions. 
Presently there is no provision or indeed right for anyone to park on a public road outside of  their house. However, there are no parking restrictions on Banbury Hill/Enstone Road heading into or out of the town? Perhaps overflow parking could commence there? That way the concomitant problem of speeding and parking could be solved?

Father Clive Dytor
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Mon 8 Nov, 06:06

This is a ridiculous and selfish idea as it will put more pressure on a part of town already creaking.

Tina Piotrowsky
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Sun 7 Nov, 17:47

We have e-mailed - the technical officer in charge of this outrageous plan to strip us of all our parking in front of our home Melody House and all along its wall for 30 metres. The police house and garages opposite us for 15 years have never had a problem with access in and out of the site and they are making the entrance a great deal bigger anyway. Also cars parked on our side of Hixet Wood slows down any traffic speeding down Sheep Street and Hixet Wood (contrary to Blenheim Estates belief that it will be safer for pedestrians with no parking.) We have asked whether Blenheim Estate plans to give us and the residents from Fishers Lane and Sheep Street that all use Hixet Wood to park,  spaces on the new development instead (I presume not!). We definitely don't want to be forced to park in front of other peoples homes in Charlbury. Please e-mail Christian Mauz with objections!!xx

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
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Thu 28 Oct, 10:47 (last edited on Thu 28 Oct, 12:09)

Back in April, an OCC officer emailed the Town Council with provisional details of this. I replied half an hour later (as Town Council chair at the time) with this:

I fear that if you were to propose losing six parking spaces from Sheep Street/Hixet Wood then we would be pleading with residents to put down the pitchforks!

Parking in central Charlbury is at an absolute premium - most houses have no off-street parking, particularly on roads like Sheep Street which is where the overspill down onto Hixet Wood comes from. (Sheep Street is very narrow so many houses don't even have on-street parking immediately outside.) There are several offices and shops around this area which attract parking too.

Generally we would prefer an unobtrusive access with a tight radius in a low-speed residential area anyway - we need to keep vehicle speeds low when turning, and maintain the character of the conservation area. We would expect (and want) residents in the new development to walk into town for shops/station etc. so any junction design should prioritise pedestrian access.

Fully agree with Stephen, there is no need for refuse lorry access to the development. 

Stephen Andrews
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Thu 28 Oct, 10:36

These proposed double yellow lines are apparently to allow refuse lorries full access to the new development. 

As can be seen in the approved plan

this is unnecessary, as the bin collection area is at the road junction. Have I missed something?

Alex Michaels
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Wed 27 Oct, 22:42

It would make charging your bev rather difficult if you couldn't park close to your house. Not very green centric this proposal.

Liz Leffman
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Wed 27 Oct, 14:53

This is a consultation, it is not a done deal.  So please go online and have your say (and by the way this is the first that I have heard of this so I will be having words.....)

Gareth Epps
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Wed 27 Oct, 13:05 (last edited on Wed 27 Oct, 13:06)

Karen - if Highways was aware, it didn’t form part of any objection at the time.  (As you say, the Town Council objected on grounds including these)

Moreover, the proposed restrictions go well beyond the stipulations of the Highway Code.

michele marietta
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Wed 27 Oct, 10:54

Ridiculous. It means that Charlbury residents won't even be able to park outside their own homes.

The new housing development is a farce.

It all makes me extremely grouchy.

karen simpson
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Wed 27 Oct, 10:38

I disagree - this issue was identified by local residents, CTC and Highways from the outset. There has always been an issue of access / egress from the existing site (originally intended for 1/2 houses) for the proposed 20 + agreed cars on the proposal, and more importantly during construction for the HGV deliveries to the site.  Approval was granted with conditions to provide appropriate access. It was known in 2017 that this was not resolved. Hence why there were 3 versions of the traffic management plan issued to WODC by the developer. Where does that leave the rest of the houses on Hixetwood, Fishers lane, Sheep Street  w/o off-street parking obviously built before cars were the preferred method of transport. As residents we juggle about and make do with the existing conditions, it is accepted that folk from all the streets around the area  are parking up and down these streets. What about the visitors to the few remaining businesses on Sheep Street.  We shall all end up cluttering other parts of the town. This is further proof that our planning authority is not providing holistic solution to our town's growth. 

Gareth Epps
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Wed 27 Oct, 08:55

This is a County Council proposal that has come out of the blue, and tackles an issue it didn’t cover in the original planning application.

Rachael Lunney
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Wed 27 Oct, 06:45

One question where will all the cars go,there already a big parking problem in Charlbury,

Charlie M
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Tue 26 Oct, 22:46

Agreed Karen, but we mere mortals must kowtow to the wishes of the Blenheim Megalith, pushed through by their friends on the local legislature.

How I wish it could be a case of VanderNOTbilt ...

karen simpson
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Tue 26 Oct, 21:45 (last edited on Tue 26 Oct, 21:47)

So now WODC are proposing removal of all parking south of fishers lane . Due to the new housing development in Hixetwood  This is ridiculous, the housing development should never have been given permission in the first place. Please follow the link below to write your comments to WODC.

Gary Harrison
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Thu 21 Oct, 16:55

Please see the following Oxfordshire County Council Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Parking on Hixet Road and Fishers Lane.

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