Covid booster jab

Christine Battersby
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Tue 12 Oct, 20:52

Thank you, Nikki and Hans -- great that the jab can be done in the town (for some of us at least).

Nikki Rycroft
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Tue 12 Oct, 18:16

COVID-19 Vaccine Pfizer BioNTech: 

Maximum shelf life is 6 months stored in a freezer at -80°C to -60°C

31 days at 2-8°C after thaw (assign immediately after removing from freezer)

Once removed from the fridge may be stored between 2 to 25°C for 2 hours prior to dilution. In addition, once diluted may be stored between 2 to 25°C for a further 6 hours

During storage, minimise exposure to room light, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight and ultraviolet light

Hans Eriksson
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Tue 12 Oct, 15:38

I think they can store the Pfizer jab for 5 days in 2-8 deg C. I don't think that was known 6-8 months ago.

Christine Battersby

Tue 12 Oct, 13:10

The booster jab of the vaccine is being delivered in Charlbury to those who have received an invitation. The news item and the CMC website do not make this very clear. 

Does anyone know how this has become possible? I thought that CMC did not have the necessary refrigeration facilities to deliver the Pfizer jab on site.  

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