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Steve Jones

Wed 15 Sep, 16:50

The idea of Trigger's broom was, "borrowed" from the Ancient Greeks, where it was known as the Ship of Theseus.

Ian Lewis
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Wed 15 Sep, 12:42

Trigger's Broom   from Only Fools and Horses

Malcolm Blackmore

Wed 15 Sep, 12:16

What is "Triggers Broom"??!!

You're right about the slide, it was still around when we moved here with young children 16 years ago and my now grown-up daughter wanted to make some trips especially to use it. 

I've only seen 2 larger, one in a Brixton adventure playground or whatever they call it, and an even bigger one in Toronto in the mid 80s.

About the early/mid 80s there was some high-quality research done - in Denmark I think - showing that some properly risky activities were a significant benefit for the emotional AND cognitive development of "better" personality outcomes or whatever the fancy developmental psychology terminology they use for that sort of thing.

The trick was to have a level of risk that was "reasonable" or whatever. Painful and bruising if a child messed up and didn't pay some proper heed to what s/he was doing in a common sense way. But short of breaking bones too much! 

Surprisingly, the level of playground mishaps actually went *down* on the perceived and obvious risk adventure playgrounds compared to the innocuous (and *boring*) playgrounds. The kids, even very young ones, were quickly developing some real skills in what I would call "mindfulness" and rational assessment, compared to the cotton-wool wrapped snowflakes with helicopter parents.

George Ogier
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Wed 15 Sep, 10:27

The slide in Chipping Norton was still there around 10 years ago (although I suspect there was an air of "Trigger's Broom" about it).

I was terrified just looking at it and then my daughter got stuck at the top!

Malcolm Blackmore
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Tue 14 Sep, 17:26 (last edited on Tue 14 Sep, 17:28)

I wish I'd thought of the phrase of a country town being

"literally  EROADED (sic) AWAY by the motor car" 30+ years ago!

Then I was a main person instigating (and basically ran) a campaign to stop a Motorway being rammed through the miles of residential areas in London, when "eroaded" would have been a wonderful turn of phrase for the posters, leaflets and pamphlets we did in those in those years (and of which I was the main writer). We stopped the motorway...

Janet Jeffs
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Tue 14 Sep, 17:09

Thank you for the advert, John.  The museum also has lots of Charlbury parish maps from 1989 - like the one which appeared on the Adverts page recently at £25 framed.  Our unframed maps are much cheaper.  If you give us some notice, you can also buy original paper bags from Mr Luker's shop - Tailor, Outfitter, Boot and Shoe Warehouse in Market Street.  

john h
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Tue 14 Sep, 15:48

If you like nostalgic video, then available at the Charlbury Museum is a video made by then resident, Ray Marshall called Charlbury Town Trail. It was shot in 1990 when Ray takes a walk around the Town with his video camera. Amazing the changes that have taken place over the last 30yrs. pop along and buy one this weekend.  John Harrison

Paul D Jackson

Tue 14 Sep, 10:11

Brilliant!  Thanks

Helen Wilkinson
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Tue 14 Sep, 09:16

I loved the film of Chipping Norton, thank you Richard.

It brought back so many memories, most especially the huge slide in the playground on New Street. I remember it being really scarily high.. I did wonder if I might spot family shopping on market day.

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
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Mon 13 Sep, 18:27

A couple of interesting local videos that have just popped up: is a short historical tour of Charlbury, perhaps mostly intended for tourists. It’s good-natured even if it won’t tell people here much they didn’t know.

More unusual is ‘Tale of a Town’ (, which is a 1969 video about Chipping Norton, made by Oxford University for the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England. Absolutely fascinating footage and the points it makes are still remarkably relevant today.

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