Flora Gregory
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Wed 15 Sep, 21:40 (last edited on Wed 15 Sep, 22:26)

What do hedgehogs eat ?  They have an acute sense of smell and are opportunistic eaters - some carrion, fallen fruit, beetles, earwigs, caterpillars, earthworms, millipedes, snails, slugs, leatherjackets, frogs. I have talked to quite a few people about wet/dry cat and dog food as a supplement when it is dry and when there are hoglets about that need to put on weight for the winter. Dry kitten biscuits seem to be recommended - high in protein. 

And they need access to fresh water and drink up to 4 tablespoons full a day - I said a pint  previously, but that is not so :-).

Hedgehogs love mealworms, but mealworms are bad for hedgehogs because of the calcium/phosphorus balance and cause metabolic bone disease. So a couple now and then as a treat is ok, not too many. I think there is also caution with sunflower hearts and sultanas for a similar reason. Peanuts are ok, but crushed. 

For people who have stayed with this trail, as I am just writing something about hedgehog highways and what Kirtlington and Eynsham have done, and what we could do in Charlbury, twitter.com/team_KWACS/status/1169386060331278347

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)
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Wed 15 Sep, 12:50

I’m afraid it’s not really feasible for volunteer admins to maintain a constantly-changing useful numbers list, Malcolm, but if Flora wants to set up a Charlbury Hedgehogs community page, that would be a good place to do it.

Malcolm Blackmore
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Wed 15 Sep, 12:31

Could some site mod put Amanda-the-hedge helper's contact details in the relevant "contacts" section, or whatever to call it,of the charlbury.info site for future reference if one comes across a struggling hedge-piglet?

I'd assume any hedgehog of any size come across in daytime around now or in the winter to be, with high probability of being, in double plus ungood straits.

They are primarily insectivores (yes?? do they eat anything like seeds or fruit or berries or roots at all, and thus have some "carbohydrate" handling genes, or essentially obligate carnivores like cats?).

So, I think I have heard, NOT to give them dried dog food kibble due to the carbohydrate content. Correct?

But what about dry cat food kibble, seeing, AFAIK that cats have little tolerance for carbohydrates? Can one give hedgehogs that?

Bird food like mealworms should be good??

Flora Gregory
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Tue 14 Sep, 22:25 (last edited on Tue 14 Sep, 22:29)

Apparently hedgehogs need to drink a pint of water a day, so it really helps them if we make sure there is fresh water in our gardens. In the long dry spells we have been having they are very vulnerable to dehydration.   If you know you have a visiting hedgehog or hedgehogs and it is very dry, wet cat food or dog food will also support them as they will find it hard to find food. 

If you see a hedgehog out in the day and not moving properly then give it water and get help for it as quickly as possible.  Amanda who is in Over Norton  nurses over 100 hedgehogs a year, her number is 07488 331409.  Phone her first, and transport the hedgehog to her, keeping it warm in a box.  

This time of year we hopefully have some hoglets in Charlbury,  they should be putting on weight to get through the winter. Please keep a look out for them. Thank you to everyone who has sent photos of hedgehogs  in Charlbury. We need to give them all the help we can as their numbers are so depleted. Charlburywildlife@charlburygreenhub.org.uk 

Alison Marshall
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Wed 8 Sep, 20:34


I agree with Malcolm definitely give it water not milk.  It's been quite dry recently which is what has probably brought it out in the day.  Try the link above for advice if you see it again and are worried about it.

Sue Normand
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Wed 8 Sep, 18:56

I have put out various containers of water...

Malcolm Blackmore
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Wed 8 Sep, 18:43

One thing to immediately do is put out some water (not milk, they don't have the enzyme to digest milk sugar - lactose). We've done this before when seeing small hedgies nosing about and it was guzzled very promptly.

Sue Normand
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Wed 8 Sep, 18:39

A little while ago there was a topic about hedgehogs seen out in the day and what to do/local help available - I think.  Would welcome some advice as seen a young one out in the heat today though moving around and not looking injured... Tried the Minster Lovell number but said they are full anyway in recorded message. Thank you  

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