Cows up Hundley Way

Emily Algar
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Wed 21 Jul, 12:53

I agree with Malcolm. I think this would make sense given the amount of livestock Charlbury is surrounded by and the different landowners. 

Malcolm Blackmore
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Tue 20 Jul, 14:36

Could it be an idea for our town website to have an information info section on the website for the fields where animal graze. To be able to contact the "carer" for those bestjes in the field around us frequented passed by walker etc. 

We always try to note if there is anything amiss with the grazing animals in Clarkes Bottom - when you can see them! 

Yes, for some people with nosey predilections it could become the bucolic substitute for net curtain twitchers and nuisance calls... but things can and do happen between morning and evening check of the livestock if they've been out to pasture, such as wound infestation (at least in the late 60s, early 70s, when I was a casual helping out at a neighbours farm, we did at least 2 checks, and preferably three, of non-milkers in outlying fields. I'm assuming this is still done as part of simple good husbandry? Or as then the staffing levels on a mixed farm was about 4 of part- or fulltime, plus casuals, maybe its now just one "operator" on a quadbike.? Things can easily be missed when under under-staffing of agriculture.

Lesley Algar
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Tue 20 Jul, 07:32

Robert has been contacted now

Rosannagh Scarlet
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Mon 19 Jul, 21:04

I’ve just seen one of the cows in the Clarke’s Bottom field has a wound on its side that is infested with flies. I don’t have the farmers contact details so if someone could let them know I’d be very grateful. Thanks!

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