Contacting local Council candidates

Liz Reason

Tue 4 May, 20:50

Me too.

James Styring

Tue 4 May, 19:31


Phil Morgan

Tue 4 May, 12:54

Contact me through this site and I'll happily give you my phone number and address.

Dan Raymond-Barker

Mon 3 May, 17:44

I’m also very happy to be contacted here.

Graham Terry

Mon 3 May, 13:52

I also am very happy to be contacted via the Forum. If elected a dedicated Town Council email is allocated ensuring transparency.

Gareth Epps

Sun 2 May, 22:14

Happy to be messaged here.

Janet Burroughs

Sun 2 May, 20:10

Alan, I am happy to be messaged via this website with any questions that you have. Kind regards Janet B. 

Liz Leffman
👍 1

Sun 2 May, 19:24 (last edited on Sun 2 May, 20:04)

You are very welcome to contact me through this site or via my email address

Tony H Merry
👍 2

Sun 2 May, 18:41

I am also happy to be contacted through the forum and to answer any question you may have.

Gary Harrison
👍 1

Sun 2 May, 17:56 (last edited on Sun 2 May, 17:57)

You can contact me via my website at or via Facebook at

Happy to answer any questions.

Claire Wilding
👍 2

Sun 2 May, 17:37

I'm happy to be contacted via this site, and most if not all of the candidates who aren't already councillors are on this site. 

I don't think it would be wise to put our personal email addresses on here. 

Peter Kenrick
👍 1

Sun 2 May, 17:14

Alan: Candidates such as me who are members of the current town council have town council email addresses listed on the town council website at

Alan F Harrison
👍 1

Sun 2 May, 14:10

Thank you Emily

Had rather thought of email info.

Emily Algar
👍 2

Sun 2 May, 13:34

Alan, you can find the list of addresses for candidates here:

For those, including myself, who do not have a listed address, you can contact me through the forum and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Alan F Harrison
👍 1

Sun 2 May, 12:22

Further to the list elsewhere is there a contact list?

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