Vaccinations at Kassam Stadium or Carterton

Nikki Rycroft

Fri 7 May, 12:08

Updated info on vaccines just posted on News

Victoria Carreras Jago
👍 1

Thu 6 May, 17:08

I’ve booked my first at Boots in Oxford, second one couldn’t be booked there so I’ve gone for High Wycombe and will squeeze a visit to John Lewis beforehand! Tried for two weeks and Kassam never appeared on my list of centres. 

Matt Bullock

Thu 6 May, 16:59

I had my second jab at the Kassam on Monday morning. It was incredibly quiet (compared with my first visit). In and out in 5 minutes, only one person in front of me in the entrance and at the check in desks, of which there are 4. I only saw 2 other "patients" all the time I was in the building.

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)

Thu 6 May, 11:21

For anyone still looking, there appear to be vaccination slots available at Boots on Cornmarket in Oxford right now.

Steve Jones

Mon 3 May, 09:44

I certainly fit the profile of somebody who is in their sixties about to have his second dose at Kassam, and I will not be alone. The government statistics on vaccinations shows that about 75% of jabs are now second doses. Short of a big boost in supplies, then it was mathematically inevitable that it would be the case unless the inter-dose gap had been increased even more.

Philip Ambrose

Mon 3 May, 08:20

I think John Munro hit the nail on the head. I was at the Kassam yesterday for my second AZ jab and all those attending looked to be in their sixties. There is also a centre at Bicester Airfield, has anyone tried booking there?

Claire Wilding

Mon 3 May, 08:10

Ive been repeatedly trying this morning, kassam appeared on the list once but by the time I had clicked through to book a slot all slots were gone. 

Rachael Gibbon

Mon 3 May, 00:11 (last edited on Mon 3 May, 04:35)

I don't think availability is the issue, it seems to be the booking system itself. We tried repeatedly and it showed availability intermittently.  Worth it to keep trying.

John Munro
👍 2

Sun 2 May, 15:53

Ben, if you have been able to book your second jab at Kassam, but having to go to Dunstable for first jab, doesn't that suggest that there simply aren't any available slots at Kassam at the moment?  Perhaps all the current slots are being taken up with those now due their second doses.

Ben Cottam

Sun 2 May, 12:06

I had the same experience yesterday booking my jab. Going to Dunstable (?!) on Tuesday for mine! Frustrating but reassuring to know I didn’t make a silly mistake with the booking system - I was rather confused not to be offered something closer! Booked 2nd dose for July at Kassam Stadium,

Rick Leyland

Sun 2 May, 11:43

Is anyone one else still struggling to book a vaccination online?  I’ve tried many times over the past 10 days and never been offered anywhere closer than Coventry. Don’t want to pester the Medical Centre as they are busy enough right now. 

Claire Wilding

Fri 30 Apr, 15:50

Still not working for me unfortunately, the nearest available site is near Coventry. 

Nikki Rycroft
👍 1

Fri 30 Apr, 15:20

I’ve just heard that the 42+ age group are able to book again at Kassam since this afternoon 

Nikki Rycroft

Fri 30 Apr, 11:18

We know many are finding it impossible to book their first vaccination reasonably nearby. 

As you have seen , there appears to be a problem with the National booking system at Kassam and we have checked this out for you. 

As soon as we have further news about the possibility for vaccination for the 42+ age group nearer to Charlbury, we shall let you know. It’s out of the CMC’s hands I’m afraid.

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