Wilderness Local Resident Tickets Information

Emma Kirkby
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Fri 7 May, 17:52

Good evening and happy Friday,

A reminder to please not head down to The Charlbury Community Centre this Saturday, 8th May (tomorrow), in an attempt to register for Wilderness 2021 Local Tickets, as these have now sold out.

Those of you that still have Wilderness 2020 tickets that you are yet to roll over or refund: 

The local ticketing team will be available at The Charlbury Community Centre, Saturday 8th May (tomorrow) from 10am-4 pm for processing. Please ensure you bring your 2020 tickets, proof of address and I.D. with you.

Local Residents Meeting

Please be assured, prior to the festival, we shall be holding our annual Local Residents Meeting, to inform you of our plans and answer any and all of your questions. Thank you so much for all your incredible support; we cannot wait to see you in the fields of Cornbury Park again this summer.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend,

The Wilderness Team

Rachael Lunney
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Sat 1 May, 18:33 (last edited on Sat 1 May, 23:04)


If you missed out on ticket then listen up

Charlbury Street Fair has got a pair of full weekend camping tickets which we are going to auction.

Bidding will  open now and close next Saturday

Please email csfauction2021@gmail.com

All money raised goes to the Corner House and Memorial Hall.

Charlbury Community Centre

Sat 1 May, 16:24

Local Residents Tickets have now sold out on the first day of becoming available to reserve. Sorry if you were not able to get one - it's a very popular event!

Michael Grant

Sat 1 May, 14:58

Hello Emma

Are you able to answer questions regarding the event,  e.g. traffic disruption / noise levels etc 

Emma Kirkby

Fri 30 Apr, 18:34

Good evening all,

As we look ahead to our return to Cornbury Park this August, we wanted to let you know that plans for Wilderness are well underway.

Guest experience is always our number one priority, and we have been working closely with public health authorities to bring you the festival safely this summer. Wilderness will only proceed if it is deemed safe to do so by the government’s Chief Medical Officer.

If the festival is unable to go ahead this summer, you will be entitled to a full refund, or you may roll your tickets over to Wilderness 2022.

We look forward to sharing our festival programme of arts, feasting and dining experiences, talks and debates, wellbeing, outdoor pursuits, family entertainment and music with you very soon. In the meantime, we’d like to thank you for your continued patience.

Booking fees

Migrating to a fully online ticket booking process for all of our customers is not only the safest and most secure way for us to fulfil ticket requests, but it also offers our ticket buyers greater assurances.

Should we again find ourselves in the unfortunate position of being forced to cancel, all monies, including the booking fee, would be refundable. Tickets will also be easily transferable to the following year without the need to revisit the Charlbury Community Centre.

Please note that the previous £1.50 local tickets handling fee is no longer applicable and has been replaced by these booking fees.

Gate Times

Gate Times are outlined below, these are subject to change so please visit our website nearer to the festival, in case these are updated. If you aren’t camping overnight you can leave the festival at whatever time you choose, but entry is only permitted within these times.

Current 2021 gate times are:

Thursday: campsites open from noon / the arena from 14:00 - 22:00

Friday: 09:00 - 22:00

Saturday: 09:00 - 21:00

Sunday: 09:00 - 18:00

Wilderness 2020 Local Ticket Holders

For those of you who still have Wilderness 2020 tickets that you haven’t yet rolled over or had refunded:

If you booked tickets for Wilderness 2020 you need to either roll these over to Wilderness 2021 (5th-8th August) or request to have them refunded. If you missed the previous April 24th deadline, you can still head down to the Charlbury Community Centre on the below dates (subject to availability) to do this:

o 1st May (10:00 - 16:00)

o 8th May (10:00 - 16:00)

o 15th May and every Saturday onwards (13:00 - 16:00)

Please note these dates will only occur until all Wilderness 2021 Local Tickets have been registered. At which point the Local Ticketing team will not be processing tickets anymore. So, please get down to The Charlbury Community Centre as early as possible, within the above dates, to either roll or refund your 2020 tickets.

For those of you that have already rolled over your Wilderness 2020 tickets:

You will receive an email from our Wilderness Info account within the next week outlining details of how to collect your rolled over tickets. Please check your junk folder for this. If you have not received this email by Sunday 9th May, please email us at info@wildernessfestival.com

Best Wishes

The Wilderness Team 

Christine Battersby
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Thu 29 Apr, 11:03

Amanda, I feel like you -- but don't think there was ever a curfew in the past. There was sometimes a problem of gaining admission at the start of the festival or at particular times when trying to enter on foot by the closest gate to Charlbury, but not in terms of walking (or driving) home at the end of the day. (Others may know better, of course.) 

One thing that is good about the new arrangements is that, as I understand it, one does not have to pay for the tickets right now -- just apply to be able to do so.

Festivals are being cancelled at a rate of knots at the moment, because of the lack of insurance. (A friend of a friend learnt on Monday that three festivals she was booked for had been cancelled. And the e-festivals website is a good way of tracking what is (not) going ahead.) Also a delay will hopefully mean that we will have a better idea of what acts and extra events have been booked. 

I think I'm going to apply for a local ticket, and then decide later whether or not to take the risk of paying and cancellations. 

There are also other things to consider, e.g. the Ticketmaster website says that one can't re-sell Festival tickets through Ticketmaster. Selling tickets locally has never been a problem in the past, but this year might be different, of course ...  

Amanda Hartley

Thu 29 Apr, 10:06

Hi, I'm new to the area and was keen to try for local residents tickets as it's on my doorstep.

The booking fee going up to £11.25 from the original £1.50 is an unfair increase to be added at the last minute like this. That has made us less certain whether worth getting tickets, especially considering the line-up's not even released yet (hope Wilderness festival has a great atmosphere all round even if not blown over by the line-up...)  

Does anyone know roughly what times the gates close for entering and exiting each day instead of camping? Will likely walk there & back each day to stay in own bed but not if it's an earlier curfew so can't see all acts perform. 


Michael Grant
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Tue 27 Apr, 17:34

Just had a quick look at there accounts ( companies House)  I suspect the extra booking fee is to cover the £1.2 million loss that the organisers MAMA festivals made in 2019, ( I can imagine they faired any better last year) . 

Nick Hall
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Tue 27 Apr, 16:26

This feels like Wilderness washing their hands of the local residents (who have to put up with weeks of disruption) and passing the buck to Ticketshiester, where everyone's ticket price gets hiked by 10% so their automated system can print and post tickets.

An £11.25 ticket booking fee is daylight robbery....and everyone knows it is. 
Shame on Wilderness for passing this extra expense on to the patient/amenable locals. 
It leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth.

Michael Grant

Tue 27 Apr, 15:46

Your correct it is, but the promoter can add additional to the booking fee.

I wonder if the organisers of the event could answer the question as to whether they managed to get insurance to cover the event?  Would be a bold move to take peoples money with the potential of having no way of covering it on case something happens. 

Charlbury Community Centre

Tue 27 Apr, 15:28

I think the £11.25 is Ticketmaster’s fee. 

Michael Grant
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Tue 27 Apr, 15:12

I suspect the price hike may have something to do with the  insurance, knowing that a lot of other festivals aren't going ahead thus year not due to covid restrictions,  but due to them not being able to get insurance to cover the event.

Bearing in mind there are less tickets being sold this year,  will this mean the music won't be so loud this year?  Would be nice not to have 5 days of constant noise. 

Shelagh Scott

Tue 27 Apr, 14:39

When Wilderness had to be cancelled last year, we didn't mind losing the booking fee of £1.50 p.p. But if the same has to happen this year, and we book four tickets, would we lose £45?

Charlbury Community Centre
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Tue 27 Apr, 13:36

Michael, if you have sent your tickets back for exchange you will be contacted directly by Wilderness by email with instructions. So don't come to the Community Centre on Saturday - there will be enough people there!

Lee-Ann Keeble

Tue 27 Apr, 13:26

Hello Emma

I noticed there was mention of a £1.50 handling fee in your post of 9 April, but on looking at the information via the link posted today it says there is a booking fee of £11.25 - that is quite a hike in price!  Can you please confirm this booking fee replaces the handling fee and the amount is not a typo?

Thank you

Michael Peake

Tue 27 Apr, 13:03 (last edited on Tue 27 Apr, 13:07)

Hi Emma

What do people who exchanged 2020 tickets for 2021 tickets do? Do they need to go to the Community Centre also?

Emma Kirkby
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Tue 27 Apr, 12:16 (last edited on Tue 27 Apr, 14:31)

Hi all,

Further to our previous Wilderness 2021 Local Ticket update, please find our full Wilderness 2021 Local Tickets Information Sheet and Registration Form.


Booking and payment of approved Wilderness Local Tickets will now be made online through Ticketmaster, our safe and secure official ticket agent.

To request Wilderness 2021 Local Tickets, you will still need to visit The Charlbury Community Centre and register on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't forget to bring your supporting documentation (proof of address and I.D. etc.) along with the new request form, to do so.

Key things to note:

• You will need to fill out a request form to register for Wilderness Local Tickets. You can print, fill this out and bring it with you to The Charlbury Community Centre, OR there will be blank forms available on the day at The Community Centre.

• Please do not bring money with you to The Charlbury Community Centre, as payment will not happen at this stage.

• Registration will open from May 1st 10am and continue each Saturday until the Wilderness 2021 Local Ticket allocation has been filled (see information document for registration hours).

• The Charlbury Community Centre will only register and approve (if applicable) your Wilderness 2021 Local Ticket request.

• At a date much closer to the festival and only following an approved request, Wilderness Festival will email you directly with a link to book and pay for the approved tickets through Ticketmaster.• We will be sure to update you ahead of the booking email being sent, so that you know you've not missed it.

• Moving to an online booking process means that there are unavoidable booking fees on all ticket types, please be assured all ticket prices remain at the regular discounted local resident rate.

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate the necessary changes to an online process.

Best wishes,

The Wilderness Festival Team

Liz Drake

Tue 27 Apr, 07:19

Emma it would be really useful to announce line up asap and I am sure its negatively affecting ticket sales. When is soon?


Mon 26 Apr, 21:32

Hi Emma 

we are away on the dates of local release tickets. Could we get a family member to collect instead or does it have to be from our household? 


Emma Kirkby

Mon 26 Apr, 17:07 (last edited on Mon 26 Apr, 17:08)

Hi all,

Apologies for the delayed reply. 

Liz - great question, our lips are sealed for now I'm afraid but not to worry line-up announcement will come in due course and its definitely worth the wait!

Rod - more information on 2021 Local Tickets coming imminently, as per previous years it will be a first come first serve set up.

In terms of the extra experiences (banquets etc.) this sounds like such a lovely idea. While we aren't able to arrange a residents only sitting, you could certainly arrange yourselves as a group and provided at least one of you is either signed up to our newsletter or following us on socials, you'll be among the first to know when these go on sale and therefore could get in there early to do a large group booking if that's something that's of interest. You just need to make sure whoever is heading this up already has an account set up on the Wilderness website, this makes the whole checkout process much speedier as a lot of the information is then pre-filled. 



Liz Drake
👍 1

Sat 24 Apr, 08:13

What is the line up is the big question!

Rod Evans
👍 2

Fri 23 Apr, 10:50 (last edited on Fri 23 Apr, 11:03)

A question and a suggestion (if more for Emma but post here or like if you think it's a good one!).

Qn. Could we start a 'register of interest' for those of us who need to buy new tickets - or will it just be first come, first served?

Sn. Family & friends have often enjoyed group eats or the banquets - though I did once have to restrain a daughter (former Erasmus student etc) when she spotted a certain resident of Dean...  I don't know how many residents' tickets are issued but how about one of the caterers offering a 'residents' evening' (or lunch?), with bookings only for residents up to say a few days before?  Or even a 'residents' table' at one of the bigger ones.  Some of us know each other but could be a nice way to meet more?

Charlbury Community Centre

Sat 17 Apr, 10:52

Don’t forget to bring your 2020 local residents tickets to the Community Centre TODAY (or next Sat at the latest) between 1 and 4pm, so we can send them off for exchange. 
You will need proof of address. Full details on our website here

New local tickets will not be on sale until May 1st. 

Charlbury Community Centre

Mon 12 Apr, 07:18 (last edited on Mon 12 Apr, 07:19)

I can answer a couple of these questions. Judy - yes camping is included in the price but you need to specify that you want a camping ticket on the form you get when buying them. Tim - no you can't buy any new tickets until 1st May. Wilderness need to see how many tickets are being exchanged before they can release new ones for sale. So I guess it's the fact that last year's tickets have not all come back yet which is holding things up.

clare shakya

Sun 11 Apr, 21:10

Dear Wilderness team, If all our bills are online, can we just bring something official addressed to our home address?

Judy kinchella

Sun 11 Apr, 15:52

Hi Emma,

Is camping included in the price for an Adult ticket?

Many thanks

Tim Gosling

Sun 11 Apr, 13:40

Sorry. Can i please clarify something. I dont have any tickets to exchange but can I still buy 2021 tickets on the 17th and 24th April or is that for exchanges only?


Christine Battersby

Fri 9 Apr, 17:37

Thank you, Emma,

Just what I needed!

Emma Kirkby

Fri 9 Apr, 16:43

Hi Christine,

Prices are as follows:

Adults £120*

Teens £115*

Junior £35

Chil £5

Parking £21

*additional £1.50 handling fee


The Wilderness Team

Christine Battersby

Fri 9 Apr, 13:51 (last edited on Fri 9 Apr, 13:52)

Thanks for replying so promptly, and that is certainly good news.

But please could you give the prices for local tickets, with and without parking. I can't find this on your website. As I am trying to plan my August, it would be helpful to know this. 

Emma Kirkby
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Fri 9 Apr, 13:10

Hi Christine, 

This is just an error with Google, we've flagged it with them a week or so ago, and they are in the process of fixing it, just takes a little while to update. Rest assured, very much not cancelled. The joys of the internet!


The Wilderness Team x 

Christine Battersby

Thu 8 Apr, 19:01

Looking online to discover ticket costs, I see a message right at the top of the Google page saying that Wilderness Festival 21 is cancelled. But when I look at the Wilderness website I see no evidence of this. 

I'm not sure that this is right -- might there be a confusion with Cornbury Festival 2021 that has indeed been cancelled? Google doesn't seem to know that is the case. 

Perhaps somebody from the Wilderness Team could respond and, if it is going ahead, please list some prices for local tickets.

Emma Kirkby
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Thu 8 Apr, 12:08

Dear friends and residents

We hope you're all keeping well and had a lovely Easter (albeit with the very changeable weather!) An update on local residents tickets for Wilderness below:

All local tickets will be available at the Charlbury Community Centre, every Saturday (whilst stocks last). Please see below for information, both for those of you who booked tickets to Wilderness 2020 and those looking to book tickets to Wilderness 2021.

17th & 24th April ONLY – 1-4pm: Final exchanges and refunds on Wilderness 2020 local tickets 

Anyone who still has a Wilderness 2020 ticket that they have not yet had refunded or exchanged for Wilderness 2021 tickets, MUST do so at the Community Centre by Saturday 24th April.

To Do This You Will Need

Your Wilderness 2020 tickets

Proof of address: Photocopy of a utility bill or bank statement (within the last 3 months) including full name and address containing the postcode OX7 3**

Proof of identity: Passport or driving licence with full name matching that on the proof of address

If you have already exchanged yours, information on how to collect your 2021 ticket will be available soon, stayed tuned.

1st & 8th May – 10am-4pm | 15th May onwards – 1-4pm (whilst stocks last): Wilderness 2021 local tickets on sale 

From the 1st May, a limited number of local tickets, will then go on sale.

Tickets discounted to residents within the postcode OX7 3**

All tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis

Maximum four adult tickets per household and four under 18 tickets per adult; 2020 tickets exchanged for 2021 are included in this total. 

To Book You Will Need 

Proof of address

Proof of identity

(As per above)

Full information, including pricing etc. will be available at The Community Centre and on information posters that should be going up around Charlbury within the next week. 

Best Wishes 

The Wilderness Team

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