Diverted Traffic

Christine Battersby
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Sat 10 Apr, 14:45

Hi Mandy, Thanks. Yes I now see there are 3 separate things listed.

The bridge = to 19 April; and further along the B4022 Witney Rd, but this is twice 19 - 21, and then a few yards further along from 22nd- 26th April -- so, in effect, until the 26th, just not on the bridge. But I see there is an easy way round the closures that are not on the bridge. 

So confusing! And I guess one.network might also be wrong.

Mandy cooper
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Sat 10 Apr, 13:58

the railway bridge reopens on the 19th April the other road closed for finstock is for resurfacing the road and only for 4 days. 

Christine Battersby

Sat 10 Apr, 12:40 (last edited on Sat 10 Apr, 12:49)

Good news and bad: Some of the road closures and diversions seem to have been changed.

Bad first: Finstock now listed as closed until April 26th.

Now good: The section of the B4026 between Charlbury and Chipping Norton  is now only closed between (13th - 15th April). The road between Spelsbury and Chadlingtom closed as before from 9th - 13th April.

Also, the road closure on the A44 at Enstone has now been downgraded to road works, with traffic lights, and only from 13th - 15th April. Hope this is right. Makes more sense.

How are people getting on with the traffic lights on Dyer's Hill/Forest Rd? I have had one very slow experience (10 minutes +), one quick (no delay at all to speak of). I need to use the road in the early morning on Monday when commuters will be using the station if they are going back to work. Any further feedback gratefully received. 

Angus B

Thu 8 Apr, 22:46

Thank you so much, Meryl; that’s very helpful as we have to be there before 9 o’clock.

Meryl Smith
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Thu 8 Apr, 15:02

For those planning a car journey to Carterton Health Centre tomorrow, Friday 9th, for a second COVID vaccine, an ATIC test drive of the route from Charlbury via Burford this afternoon (Thursday) was a clear run, once you were past the stretch of single lane traffic regulated by temporary traffic lights starting over Charlbury bridge just before Charlbury station and ending at the entrance to the Forest Works industrial estate (now in place). 3-way lights, so took at bit of time waiting.

The small patch of single lane traffic controlled by temporary lights in Carterton on the road leading down to the town centre looked as though it was in the process of being cleared.

Due to Gigaclear works on Market Street, which is closed to traffic today, you will need to get onto the Burford Road out of Charlbury (Dyers Hill and beyond) via Nine Acres Lane and Thames Street.

Worth leaving a few minutes earlier.

Gareth Epps
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Thu 8 Apr, 07:49

The Enstone closure diversion is likely to result in a free-for-all as satnavs work out there are quicker and more direct ways of getting to Chippy than via the Tews.  Be prepared....

Jean Adams

Wed 7 Apr, 20:17

Hannen, I always go to Chippy via Enstone and return via Spelsbury to Charlbury. Then go to Finstock when the road is finished !!!

Christine Battersby
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Wed 7 Apr, 19:21

Dyer's Hill won't be closed; but there will be traffic lights (and, probably, also queues). 

Hannen: the A44 closure at Enstone has a diversion that takes you around via the B4022, near the Tews. You should be able to get to both Finstock (via Fawler/Stonesfield or via Leafield) and Chippy -- if you have enough time and also enough patience! 

Hannen Beith
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Wed 7 Apr, 17:27

I have appointments in Chippy and Finstock on Tuesday 13th.  I wonder how on earth I'll get to them!

Harriet Baldwin
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Wed 7 Apr, 16:29

They are, I've spoken to someone from outside Charlbury who was asking me how it was possible to get through the town. 

Christine is making it sound as if I won't be able to get to Burford next week? I am waiting for Gigaclear to start digging up roads round Burford and adding miles to my driving to my various gardens, I've already seen their vans and surveyors out and about. 

James Meek
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Wed 7 Apr, 16:25

@Christine we've seen a large number of people looking very confused, including a lorry driver who tried to turn left at the end of Fisher's Lane (up Poole's Lane) and couldn't due to parked cars.  He was back again a few minutes later having completed another circuit of the nonsensical diversion loop! 

Christine Battersby
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Wed 7 Apr, 14:48

In addition yesterday evening there was a "road closed" sign just before the mini-roundabout at the bottom of Forest Rd, before the mini-roundabout by the station. I've no idea why, since there was never any possibility of making a right turn into Market Street.

I also could not understand the other diversion signs that I saw. There are just too many diversions for these signs to make sense!

It will be even worse next week (12th April onwards) when Market Street remains closed, and there will be traffic lights either side of the bridge on Dyer's Hill. In addition there are road closures on Finstock Bridge (still); in Spelsbury on the road to Chadlington (9th- 13th); plus a section of the B4026 between Charlbury and Chipping Norton (9th - 13th) and then also on the A44 in Enstone (13th - 16th) at certain times.

There will be a lot of very confused people driving in circles, including those trying to to open up or visit non-essential shops when they open that week -- and, of course, those trying to get to Carterton for the 2nd jab on Monday 12th.

Charlie M
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Wed 7 Apr, 13:30

James, it's all ok, because it's all so that we can have incredibly fast (and expensive!) internet ;-) 

James Meek

Wed 7 Apr, 13:20

The road closures and diversions are causing havoc in Charlbury.  There is a diversion sign forcing traffic down Grammar School Hill into Park Street and up Church Street.  As Market Street is closed, there is no option but for everyone to drive down Sheep Street.  There are no diversion signs, so all the traffic is coming up Fisher's Lane.  Meanwhile, there is a 'Road Ahead Closed' sign on Thames Street.  It isn't.

Is there anyone someone who has overall responsibility for making sure that traffic flows *out* of Charlbury rather than straight through the middle of the town?

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