Lark rise to Candleford

John Partington
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Wed 7 Apr, 12:12 (last edited on Wed 7 Apr, 14:21)

I have the Lark Rise trilogy, and several other Lark Rise related books, for sale here, with proceeds to the Corner House and CRAG.

[edited to say:  the trilogy has now been bought;  multiple copies of the others are still available]

Charlie M
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Wed 7 Apr, 09:10

Sadly too many people will have seen the utterly *ghastly* BBC TV "adaptation" (?) of the book, and will think that this fabulous book is mainly about Dawn French cavorting around with barrels of beer...

Leah Fowler

Wed 7 Apr, 08:55

Thanks Mary already been offered one 😊

Mary Heckman

Wed 7 Apr, 07:40


I have a copy. Mary

Leah Fowler

Wed 7 Apr, 05:41

Has anybody got a copy of Lark rise to Candleford that I could borrow?  

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