Clothes bank

Father Clive Dytor
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Fri 19 Feb, 18:49

Thank you. That is so helpful. I have an embarrassing number of suits from my previous secular occupation( Head Master) and they are hanging in my wardrobe just waiting for Mr and Mrs Moth again..I would much rather they went to someone who needs  them. I think the Fire station sounds excellent.

Christine Battersby
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Fri 19 Feb, 10:02 (last edited on Fri 19 Feb, 10:06)

Richard's (useful) reply was for the Spendlove clothes bank.

The Fire Station Clothes Bank sends its profits to the Fire Fighters Charity;

Clicking on the various links on that page shows that all clothing is recycled in the UK, ours in Northamptonshire; that the scheme has been running since 2008; and that all profits go to the Charity, with clothing banks on Fire Station sites being particularly profitable. 

"The donated clothing, shoes, handbags and textiles are collected by our recycling partners and wearable clothing is re-used, usually sold in under-developed countries. Any textiles that are un-wearable are recycled into such items as industrial wipers and car upholstery and also re-used in the production of many other items. The income generated for The Fire Fighters Charity from textile recycling helps fund the physical, psychological and community support which we provide for those in the firefighting community who are in need."

They are a bit more fussy than the Spendlove clothes bank about what they will take.

Richard Fairhurst
(site admin)

Fri 19 Feb, 08:48 (last edited on Fri 19 Feb, 09:48)

The clothes bank operators say what they do with it at , I think. 

Father Clive Dytor

Thu 18 Feb, 19:10

Do you know where they go from there?

Christine Battersby
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Thu 18 Feb, 17:18

Don't forget the clothing bin outside Charlbury Fire Station -- always neat and tidy, and what happens to the clothes is easier to trace. 

Liz Leffman

Thu 18 Feb, 14:26

The bin is managed by a charity, not by WODC, so not sure.

Father Clive Dytor

Thu 18 Feb, 14:13

What happens to clothes and shoes put into the Spendlove clothes recycling? Thanks.

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