Support for an EV charging facility in Spendlove car park?

Gareth Epps
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Sun 21 Feb, 09:41

Hold those thoughts Hannen, please.

The Environment Working Group of the Town Council has talked to the Hook Norton group, and a consultation is planned to gauge interest, once we are in a post-lockdown world.

Car clubs are an excellent initiative (and almost certainly part of our future lives), but scaling them to a rural area is a challenge, and we would probably need to link up with nearby towns and larger villages for it to work.

There will be more e-bike tryouts too; the one held in September was a success.  
An article submitted for the November Chronicle wasn’t published, but hopefully will appear in the next issue.

Hannen Beith
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Sun 21 Feb, 03:17

The environmental "solution" is simple.  Just don't have a car of any sort.  My Wife and I managed without one for 3 years, just a few years ago.  We were fitter, and richer (slightly).

Charlbury is blessed with excellent bus and train services.  Most of which have wi fi if you want to work on the go.  Something you can't  do if you are stuck behind the steering wheel.

We had to "get" a car again only because I gained a consultancy in Wallingford, and getting there by public transport was nigh on impossible.

We were helped by a super couple with whom we entered into a car sharing arrangement.  Didn't need it much but it worked.

I floated the idea here of a Charlbury Car Sharing Club, but there were no takers.  Not one.

So much for the "environmentalists" of Charlbury.  Hooky has had a car club for years, and an EV space/point at the Chippy Co-op.  I think they also have an electric cycle  "pool".

We are way behind

Jim Holah
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Sat 20 Feb, 18:14

There is a subsidy to ev/hybrid drivers from government through which charging points can be installed.  We benefitted ourselves when we bought our PHEV in 2019.  Look at zapmap to check where charging points are located and some are indeed free, usually supermarkets wanting to attract shoppers to their store.  Otherwise drivers pay for the charge for their vehicles.

Heather Williams

Sat 20 Feb, 10:37 (last edited on Sat 20 Feb, 15:45)

A government incentive so people can install a charger, if possible, at home would be better.

I think people will just "hog" the ones if installed at the Spendlove Centre and should they be pay as you go?  I have been told that some supermarkets have them and people charge for free which seems ludicrous to me.

James Styring
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Fri 19 Feb, 13:55

I agree with you, Christine. To free up space in the Spendlove, which is often blocked with vehicles that stay all day, I have often thought that the Town Council could consider asking the Bell if they could rent some of the Bell car park for peppercorn rent during the day when it is generally empty, so that workers at the various town centre businesses can park there while they're at work, freeing up street spaces for residents and the Spendlove for shoppers.

Sam Small
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Wed 17 Feb, 23:45

No transformer and a touchable conductive enclosure: an electrical disaster from a user electric shock risk point of view. No wonder the wiring regs have been updated, I hope that the effectiveness of the conductive earth spike remains good.

Steve Jones

Wed 17 Feb, 12:47 (last edited on Thu 18 Feb, 09:25)

I'm now starting to imagine the parking space disputes that might arise with "cable through gully" systems unless spots are reserved for individual households.

I also hope that there is a requirement that these are fed from proper charging points and not via an extension cable from a normal household socket. It's not generally known, but on houses fed with TN-C-S connections (which is the great majority of properties) there is a regulatory requirement that they have special protection or a separate earth on external charging points. That's because there's a condition in the distribution network (a broken PEN - a combined neutral/earth) that can cause the earth connection to go live, which is really bad news if it's a car out in the street...

Christine Battersby
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Wed 17 Feb, 11:36

I think there would be more support if a different site could be identified. The Spendlove is always so crowded. Might the new management at The Bell be persuaded to install charging points in their underused car park?

It might have the side-effect of attracting customers inside while they wait.

Charlbury Station is also, of course, a suitable site, although parking charges would need to be paid and add to the cost. This is already available at a few GWR stations, with more to follow.

Gary Harrison
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Tue 16 Feb, 15:36 (last edited on Tue 16 Feb, 15:37)

As an EV owner living on Church Street I think both of these projects should be fully supported.  Rapid charge (Spendlove Car park proposal) is typically 40 mins and most paid machines will automatically include a  penalty if cars are left plugged in for much longer than that.

Please get everybody you know to support this so that we can start making Charlbury Greener.

James Styring
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Tue 16 Feb, 15:36

Liz - depends which side of the road cars park - no good for Park St unless the cars swap the side of the road that they park on? 

All - apparently the norm is for the car driver to pay a fee for charging - the fee incentivises or compels drivers to move their car after it is charged.

Liz Leffman
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Tue 16 Feb, 12:38 (last edited on Tue 16 Feb, 12:40)

There is a project about to start with Oxford City to introduce cables that can be run through gullies in the pavement  from a house to a car and this could be a very good solution for places like Charlbury.

Steve Jones
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Tue 16 Feb, 12:21 (last edited on Tue 16 Feb, 12:25)

Some charging points are already equipped with systems for detecting "parking violations" when cars are occupying them when not charging. How common they are in the UK, I don't know, but clearly the technology is available. After all, you can get a "fine" for parking at Charlbury station if you are there for more than the permitted time without paying.

This company sells exactly such systems.

Personally I don't see any easy solution for those that have not choice but to park on streets. Whilst there is talk of street charging points, it's difficult to see how that would be compatible within the narrow confines of, say, Market Street or Sheep Street. Maybe this could partly be coped with by overnight charging spots in Spendlove (which is often all but empty at night), but I don't see it coping with the potential demand.

Charlie M
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Mon 15 Feb, 20:48

Andrew, it could be made "self-regulating". Simply link the charging point to a cable and pulley that is linked to a 2-ton weight suspended above the charging parking space. A timer is started when charging is complete, and if the vehicle is not moved by the time that the timer times out, the weight is dropped on the vehicle. 

Simples!! :-) 

Andrew Greenfield
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Mon 15 Feb, 20:40

As Philip says, if there are to be one or two charging points they will need to be rapid and also subject to some sort of time limit on parking in those spaces; it would be counterproductive if a vehicle was parked in the spot to charge but then left there once fully charged.

I admit I have very little knowledge of how long it takes to fully charge a car at a rapid-charge point, nor how any monetary charges are levied; is it done by the time connected or some metered system with a charge for the current used during that time?

Certainly any blocking of the charge-points would have to be dealt with by somebody, but by whom?

Anna Fairhurst
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Mon 15 Feb, 19:42

This is a great idea. I’d love to buy an electric car but as with many people in Charlbury I don’t have private parking by my house so only a public charging point would work. I’m sure the bay/s could be made so only electric cars can park there and only whilst being charged. That would open up electric vehicle ownership to lots more people. I’ve gladly expressed my support. 

Philip Ambrose
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Mon 15 Feb, 19:11

Good idea to have one or two rapid charging points used by multiple vehicles throughout the day. 

Bad idea if the charging rate is slow or the point is occupied all day by a car that would otherwise be parked elsewhere.

Need to get the mix of total spaces right. There can sometimes be no ordinary spaces yet there are empty mother & child / disabled spaces.

Public parking at the Spendlove needs to be biased in favour of short stays (an hour or so) to facilitate shopping, library visits, medical / dental appointments etc NOT all day parking.

James Styring
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Mon 15 Feb, 16:57

This website is looking at expressions of support for an EV charging facility in Spendlove car park

Seems like a positive, future-looking venture.

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