New route to Witney

Christine Battersby
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Thu 18 Feb, 17:06

A stretch of the Burford Rd in Witney is also closed on March 1st and 2nd between 9.30 and 15.30 -- seems to be around the area of The Windmill Inn. There are details here:

SUGGESTED ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: The alternative routes for traffic are via a combination of A4095 – High Street – Welch Way – A4095 and vice-versa.

Michael Grant

Thu 18 Feb, 16:47

At the moment, its closed until 22nd March.

Nicola Morgan

Thu 18 Feb, 16:33

Would someone mind reminding me how long it’s closed for?

Christine Battersby

Tue 9 Feb, 14:49 (last edited on Tue 9 Feb, 14:52)

I think Burford is not the official route because HGVs are banned from Burford High Street at the moment. 

As to which is quicker: I think it will depend which end of Charlbury you start from & where in Witney you need to be. From the East/North side of town Woodstock is the better official route. 

However, I will also try driving via Forest Rd, then Leafield (not the Forest route, but the next turn, with better roads), then Minster Lovell (or Crawley when the weather is good), then Witney.

There are, by the way, some weekend closures coming up on the rail line, with replacement buses (from Charlbury Village) for several Sundays. Details are here:

Michael Grant
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Tue 9 Feb, 13:51

@ Helen, the official diversion route takes you via Woodstock, although going Burford way would be shorter.

I have had a response back from Network Rail, not very helpful, they are saying due to the work they need to do, it is going to take the allotted time.  Why they cant do 1 half of the bridge then the, which would allow for flow of traffic. is beyond me.

It is odd how they can replace an entire bridge in a weekend, but waterproofing the bridge will take 6-8 weeks.

Heather Donegan

Tue 9 Feb, 13:18

On the Finstock Parish Council website there are details of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order including PDF links to the official diversion maps.

Liz Leffman
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Tue 9 Feb, 12:07

If you can avoid going through Fawler, please do as you can imagine how the extra traffic is affecting the village, and if you have to go through please drive with consideration as there are no footpaths through the village.  Can I also suggest that if you do need to go that way you do not go down the little lane towards Ashford Mill as that is a designated cycle route - instead if you can please go  a little further along and go down the road that is signposted to North Leigh which is a better road. It isn't ideal - I have tried to get the road partially rather than fully closed but have not been able to do that and the official diversion is a very long way round.   

Veronica Stallwood

Tue 9 Feb, 11:51

Google Maps this morning gives the Fawler, East End, North Leigh route. I wondered how tricky the single-track section would be, so thanks for the warning, Helen.

Helen Wilkinson
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Tue 9 Feb, 11:11

Had to go to Witney this morning - the road closure is a real inconvenience! I went via Leafield and on through Minster Lovell (thought Crawley might be a bit wet). The road out of the forest up to Leafield was very icy and not pleasant going, as a lot of water was running out onto the the road and had frozen.

I came back via North Leigh, East End and Fawler.  The road was better but there was understandably a lot more cars and vans than usual on the single track section between Fawler and East End. The nasty right turn back onto the Charlbury road from Fawler was much easier than usual though as of course there was no traffic coming from Witney.

What is given as the official diversion route?

Richard Tebbutt

Mon 8 Feb, 21:03

Great idea 

Jean Adams
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Mon 8 Feb, 14:49

Avoiding Finstock bridge.

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