The Bell Hotel - pre 1995

Carl A Perkins
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Wed 7 Apr, 23:09

Any news?

Gareth Epps
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Thu 4 Feb, 20:42

Greene King still got the freehold?

The Bell at Charlbury
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Thu 4 Feb, 19:33

Thanks for your comments

We are delighted to be the new tenants that own the business of The Bell (not managers) in the market "town" of Charlbury.

Thanks to Graham Whisker for pointing out the location of the old market place floor.

Well done to Carl, John H & Kim - first drink is on us, please remind us!

Great suggestion by Tim, we'd be delighted to support the museum.

Liz Reason
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Thu 4 Feb, 15:03

Just for clarity please, has The Bell got new owners or new managers?

John Munro
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Wed 3 Feb, 10:58

I could have sworn that the 'Village Idiots' had performed on Street Fair Day more recently than 1256!

Graeme Hall
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Wed 3 Feb, 08:58 (last edited on Wed 3 Feb, 09:04)

Welcome Anne-Marie and family.

Charlbury. No village idiots since 1256. Officially.


Leah Fowler
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Tue 2 Feb, 22:27

When I came to Charlbury in1953 the Bell was still run by Mr Constable and his father before him.

I remember when Colin Brown came the Shop keepers and the Bank manager all went to the Bell at 6pm every evening after work

Graham Wisker
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Tue 2 Feb, 20:09

If you go down the car park behind the Bell, clear some of the gravel you'll see the old market place floor. 

Philip Ambrose
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Tue 2 Feb, 19:51

Especially if the Sunday roast is 10/6! 

There were two butchers in Church Street, one opposite and one where the Stove shop is now. 

BTW some folk get quite touchy if you refer to Charlbury as a village! For me it's a large village that exceeds expectations and punches above its weight, rather than a small town that disappoints. I'll get my coat!

Kim Harrison
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Tue 2 Feb, 18:20 (last edited on Tue 2 Feb, 18:22)

A huge welcome to Andrew, Anne-Marie and Tom at The Bell!! The butchers, I think, was the property next door to us, and our house was the storeroom - maybe the hooks came from here? I'm sure the Museum would have more info. We so look forward to frequenting your establishment and enjoying your legendary Sunday roasts!

Tim at Cotswold Frames
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Tue 2 Feb, 13:48

Welcome to the new proprietors of The Bell, I'm sure that we all wish you every success of your new venture, as Charlbury is a small place I have heard through the grapevine that there may be things a changing with signage updating etc, could I suggest that should you have no use for any existing signage or other historical items of The bells past that rather than skip them that you could offer the "Charlbury museum" first dibs as to whether they would be interested in having them in their collection? as anything historical connected to the town is usually greatly appreciated by the Museum. Anyway good luck and we look forward to you and the rest of the towns pubs being allowed to reopen. 

john h
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Tue 2 Feb, 13:20

There used  to be a livestock market at the rear of THE BELL. Maybe the hooks are a legacy of those days. John Harrison 

Leah Fowler
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Tue 2 Feb, 09:49

Go on the Facebook website  Charlbury is a Town not a Village 

Carl A Perkins

Tue 2 Feb, 08:57

I think the meat hooks used to belong to a butchers shop that was either on site or nearby

The Bell at Charlbury
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Mon 1 Feb, 22:44

Hello and thanks for offering all of us some history of The Bell - I'm sure there's lots more out there and we'd love to hear about it!

As newcomers to Charlbury, we are very excited to be the most recent custodians of The Bell. We welcome the opportunity to engage with the local community of Charlbury, to meet new friends and gain a better understanding of the history of this lovely old building. Please feel free to use this forum and share your knowledge with us.

Unfortunately we're unable to invite you to The Bell at this time, nevertheless, this seems like a great place to ask any questions or raise any suggestions relating to the site, we'll certainly do our best to answer. Here's one to get things going....

Q - Where did all the meat hooks come from over the bar?

First to answer gets a welcome drink on us! Not quite sure when this will be?

Finally, may we mention those of you we've already socially distanced with in the village! You've made us feel very welcome - Thank You. I'm sure we'll bump into many more "masked" faces in the days and weeks ahead.

Stay safe and well. Anne-Marie

Graham Wisker
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Sun 24 Jan, 21:11

I moved upto Charlbury to work at the Bell Hotel as a chef back in June 1980 which was run by Stuart & Nickie Nicoll when it was owned by the Cornbury Estate (I do stand to be corrected if this incorrect).  Since then I have stayed up in this beautiful town, eventually married a girl from my home town of Wimbledon and have settled here along with two children, who I can say are Charlbarians. Stay safe all  

Charlie M
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Sun 24 Jan, 09:10

I *love* The Bell, and they have been very good to me in the past, and I mention the massive help of Laura over several events and years ... and I know it is not the fault of those actually there, but I *wish* the powers that be would insist that Greene King would remove those unsightly (IMHO) big green letters from the front. I thought this was a conservation area?!

Sally Callaway

Sun 24 Jan, 08:54

Mary Kearsey and I used to work for Colin & Margaret to prep and serve Sunday lunch in the early 1970’s!  David (?) was the chef.   After service we would have lunch together with The Brown family (Sarah & Simon) and Margaret’s mother.  Delicious and the best gravy ever.

Philip Ambrose
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Fri 22 Jan, 22:20 (last edited on Fri 22 Jan, 22:21)

An excellent roast Sunday lunch for 10/6 (52.5p for those who only understand decimal currency).

Amanda Epps

Fri 22 Jan, 22:19

Me too.  We used to eat there regularly.  Colin came from the same part of Wales as my family.   My father was amazed when he first walked in to see a grandfather clock made by the original owner of his business.  It went back to Wales when Margaret and Colin left.

I agree that it has not been as good since those days.

Helen Wilkinson
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Fri 22 Jan, 18:23

Oh yes - I do! When it was in the ownership of the Cornbury Estate it was beautifully and tastefully renovated and it was managed by Colin and Margaret Brown - front of house and kitchen respectively. I was one of a number of students who had holiday jobs there in their university vacations to back up the permanent staff.  The Cornbury agent and his wife used to stay one night a week, a different room each time, to check that everything was in order for guests.  The restaurant was popular with locals and residents alike and the bar was lively. The ground floor room to the right of the entrance was a large bedroom suite, not a public space. It is so sad that it has never been really successful since.  (I guess the estate got rid of it because it was not commercially viable for them)

Sally Callaway
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Fri 22 Jan, 16:46 (last edited on Fri 22 Jan, 16:47)

Does anyone remember The Bell like this?  Probably pre 1995 as the 01 phone number prefix was introduced that year!

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