Water Leak?

Father Clive Dytor
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Wed 13 Jan, 07:31

It would have been good customer service for Thames Water to have let people know their water was being cut off during the repairs!

stephen cavell

Wed 13 Jan, 07:25

How were the bowsers to be used? Does one just turn up with a bucket to be filled?

John Dora
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Tue 12 Jan, 22:43

Thanks Sarah, hope it gets repaired quickly. 
Bowser just drove off, after another hour (?) idling the engine. 

sarah witheridge

Tue 12 Jan, 21:56

Apparently, there is a bust water main, which they are trying to mend now. 

sarah witheridge

Tue 12 Jan, 21:54

We have no cold water at present. We live next to the church. 

Liz Leffman
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Tue 12 Jan, 21:25 (last edited on Tue 12 Jan, 21:27)

There is certainly a leak outside the church, which TW were looking at yesterday so I expect that is what they have come to repair

Kathryn Fairhurst
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Tue 12 Jan, 21:05

He also has a colleague on Enstone Road with a clean water tanker, and there’s a van down by the church where the road looks a bit ‘leaky’ - the Enstone Road driver also hadn’t been told where the work was taking place (and was ever so nice). Having just walked a nearly full lap of Charlbury I didn’t see any actual digging,

John Dora

Tue 12 Jan, 20:39

We have a Thames Water bowser parked in Wychwood Paddocks - engine running for best part of an hour until I asked the driver to shut it down.

The driver said he's to supply water when the supply is shut off to repair a leak, however he did not know where this leak happens to be. Apparently.

Anyone any the wiser? I've tried contacting TW via Twitter 'contact us 24/7' but I don't have much faith in getting a reply '...it could take two working days to get back..'!! 

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