Welcoming Gnome

Liz Leffman
👍 9

Wed 13 Jan, 09:02

They have obviously decided to camp under the entrance signs to remind us that during the lockdown, there's no place like gnome.

Tony Graeme
👍 4

Wed 13 Jan, 08:40

Perhaps it is time Charlbury had a town motto. I suggest “A gnome in every home and an elf on every shelf” would go nicely with the little figures surrounding us.

jenna siford
👍 1

Tue 12 Jan, 23:01

There is also one on the Charlbury Road just as you come up out of Crawley by the Bird in Hand pub! Very are very sweet :)

Wendy Bailey
👍 4

Mon 11 Jan, 18:27

Gnomes bring a smile. We all need gnomes. And yes the back story of Charlburys newest residents would be interesting and a light relief.

John Munro
👍 1

Mon 11 Jan, 15:47

What is the story behind the appearance of all these gnomes on toadstools?

Angus B
👍 1

Fri 1 Jan, 19:15

Oh dear. Gnome ore  please!

Liz Puttick
👍 3

Fri 1 Jan, 18:48

Sounds like the work of the Gnome Liberation Front

K Harper
👍 5

Fri 1 Jan, 16:58 (last edited on Fri 1 Jan, 18:06)

I believe they came from British Gnome Stores; when it went bump they all became gnomeless! HNY all, Kris 

Leah Fowler
👍 2

Fri 1 Jan, 16:55

Here we come the laughing gnomes

Helping mothers in their homes! 

You can tell I ran the Brownies!  

Graeme Hall
👍 3

Fri 1 Jan, 16:24

Perhaps it was a directive from the top, Gnome Secretary Pretty Petal?

John Munro
👍 9

Fri 1 Jan, 15:27

...and one on the Woodstock road, so guess all entrances to Charlbury are being covered by the Gnome Guard....obviously deployed to their locations by the Gnome Office and keep in contact with each other by listening to the Gnome Service.

Helen Chapman

Fri 1 Jan, 15:17

There's one under the Burford road sign too!

Sandy Fairhurst
👍 2

Fri 1 Jan, 15:13

Delighted to hear he has other relatives in his bubble.

Wendy Bailey
👍 1

Fri 1 Jan, 15:11

Now there's a challenge, how many gnomes can be spotted?  and how many more can appear!?

Mandy cooper
👍 2

Fri 1 Jan, 14:22

There’s one under the sign as you come from finstock as well 

john h
👍 2

Fri 1 Jan, 13:54

He used to live on the Spelsbury Rd

Sandy Fairhurst
👍 2

Fri 1 Jan, 13:15

The toadstool with smiling gnome, sitting beneath the Banbury Hill  Charlbury sign, is a very cheery addition to the town. It may have taken residence days ago, but the gnome said nothing. If by any chance he strayed away from home last night, and the lovely toadstool on which he’s sitting too...that’s where he is. He really looked as if it was his gnome from home though...

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