Suggestions for walks please

John Munro

Fri 20 Nov, 19:01 (last edited on Fri 20 Nov, 19:54)

This thread has spurred me into action and upload a dozen or so of our favourite walks around the Charlbury area. To see an overview of them, head over to  

From there you can simply click on each of the 'Learn More' buttons, which will take you to the website where the full details, route maps and directions can be found.

Unfortunately most are probably now much muddier than they were earlier this year, but hope that some of you enjoy them!

clare shakya
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Thu 12 Nov, 22:22

You might invest in the latest OS maps app - routes are loaded by other walkers and you can pick a spot and see other people’s favourite walks in that area. I am dedicating these lockdown weekends to checking out as many new walks as I can! The joy of it is other people will see a completely different route across even relatively familiar set of footpaths so I feel I am slowly joining up the entire landscape!

Hans Eriksson
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Thu 5 Nov, 20:35

To add - Roger our super chap at the town council has pointed out that thieves may target cars parked in rural areas. As always no valuables visible, and perhaps choose a busy spot. 

Helen Wilkinson

Wed 4 Nov, 17:46

Thank you for all the suggestions - just need some dry weather now!

Hans Eriksson
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Wed 4 Nov, 16:41

1. Park 200 southeast of Pudlicote house, there is room for 6-8 cars on the verge. Walk east on Wychwood way. Turn left after 1,100 m towards Lower Court Farm, go round it and come back towards Pudlicote.

2. Park just before East end by the roman villa. Walk down to the Roman villa, continue up towards Combe and around the village and come back via Grintleyhill bridge.

3. Park just after the bluebell wood on the Woodstock road. Take the path north and around Lodge farm Turn left and cross the Woodstock road towards Newbarn Farm. Turn left and then left again on the Callow Lane.

4. Take the Ditchley road and park when you can't drive further. Go left on Wychwood way, and then turn right after 300 m and walk around Ditchley.

5. Head to Cornwell and park at the top of the village by the triangle. Head east behind Cornwell manor and after some 350 m you will find their church. Magical.

6. Park at Merriscourt, head east and after 500 m turn left and head north towards Sarsden. Come back via the tarmaced roads - no traffic.

I have many more. Magical part of the world this. Finally top tip: Ordnance survey maps are available for free on Bing maps - click the icon top right. Take a screenshot as a jpeg and store it on your phone/tablet. 

Helen Chapman
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Wed 4 Nov, 14:01

Rousham doesn't allow entry to children under 16, which is something to be aware of (or maybe celebrate in some cases?!). I am looking forward to being able to visit again once my kids are old enough - only 7 years to go.

Liz Leffman
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Wed 4 Nov, 13:41

I went to Sezincote the other day - another good choice but you need to book that in advance.  They only allow 30 people in at a time.

Hannen Beith

Wed 4 Nov, 12:58

Agree with Harriet and Tony.  Parking/numbers can be a problem.  Almost given up trying to get a parking space at the Rollright Stones.  Tried 3 times now.  

Agree with Liz.  Rousham is lovely.

Sezincote is great - and quirky, but I don't know how busy it might be.

I have a couple of friends who swear by Hidcote, although I've not been yet. They tell me that the grounds are large enough to allow social distancing.

Liz Leffman
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Wed 4 Nov, 12:41 (last edited on Wed 4 Nov, 13:40)

If you want somewhere with a car park about 15 miles away then I can recommend Sherbourne where the National Trust car park is quite large and there is an absolutely lovely walk around the grounds of Sherbourne House. It is just off the A40 going towards Cheltenham. There is a small fee for the car park. Or how about  Rousham, about 10 miles away towards Banbury? Again, plenty of parking space and lovely historic gardens to enjoy. There is an entry fee but it is quite reasonable.

Tony H Merry
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Wed 4 Nov, 12:06

If you look at the walks section of this website there are ideas for walks there.  There is also a walking map on the poster outside the Coop .  A walking leaflet is also available from the Community Centre.  For a wider area there are lots of ideas here

As Harriet says parking can be a bit of a problem as there a few deicated car parks so it is better to walk out from Charlbury or other villages

Harriet Baldwin

Wed 4 Nov, 11:17

Don't expect to be the only person there,, wherever you go. Last time we had to take my mother on daily walks (otherwise she's likely to get blood clots and end up in hospital) and everywhere had at least 3 cars plus associated children. This time, there'll be no children but do expect plenty of people. 

I'm saying this because we were looking for placesto walk an 80 yr old safely away from other people to reduce the risk of her getting the virus and it was like being in an urban park. 

Helen Wilkinson

Wed 4 Nov, 10:18

As it is permitted to meet up with one other person outside for exercise, and also to drive to a location for that exercise, I would welcome any suggestions for pleasant walks (at chatting pace!) within an approximate 10-15 mile radius of Charlbury. 

It would be good to know if there is somewhere to park a car, or something of special interest - landscape, nature, river, history etc.  I know that there are lots of nice walks round Charlbury, but with friends across the county it would be nice to be able to meet up legally!

Any suggestions?

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